How to customize the Calendar on Samsung Galaxy phones

Who more or who less uses the calendar of their smartphones to control everything they have to do on a day-to-day basis. Virtually every character layer on Android offers its own calendar, except for those who opt for the Google option. Samsung has a complete calendar that we can customize in which for years it has not stopped integrating news.

If in your case you did not know that you could organize all the tasks avoiding it being monotonous and boring, be careful because your options are very varied. Before doing so, we invite you to access the Galaxy Store of your Samsung mobile and start the updates, so that all the news that you can find below are also present regardless of the version of One UI.

Change the look of the calendar

To carry out the set-up of the calendar as we like it, we have to recommend having the synchronization of our account activated, in case in the future we change mobile and do not want to lose all the changes. This is something to do from Settings> Accounts and selecting our Samsung account to use. Then, by entering the calendar itself and displaying the side menu, we will be able to synchronize the new data that we generate with the changes that we will make.

You choose how you prefer to view it

The first thing we need to know and do is based on customizing the display. A change that we can make quickly as many times as necessary, since we have a quick side menu where we choose the mode to choose to see our tasks and the day ahead. Once we choose one of them, when we leave, it will be the one that remains as the default without having to apply the change anywhere else.

As we can see in the images, each view mode rewards a series of extras. In the case of a day-based calendar, we have the ability to divide everything we do into time slots. In the monthly, we will only see a small badge about what is important in each day and in the annual, the holidays will be the protagonists.

Dark mode has something to say

Although we cannot change the entire color of the calendar app, we can choose the mode that is applied when using it. Either because we have configured the dark or light mode on our Samsung smartphone or because within the calendar settings we have changed the option, the appearance will be different. Choose the one that is most comfortable for you to order your day to day.

The SPen boasts of options

Something that only those Samsung phones compatible with SPen can do is draw directly on the calendar . We are not referring to a note or reminder, but to the calendar itself when we have the weekly or monthly view. In this way we can draw as if we had the calendar in front of us physically, which is very useful for making quick annotations.

Highlight events and tasks

There is no calendar without tasks or events and of course Samsung gives a lot of value to this section with options that modify its appearance to our liking. For your calendar to be different and not be the classic boring calendar, you have to keep all this very present.

Use stickers

One of the last extras to arrive on the Samsung calendar is based on the quick stickers that it offers us. An advantage before which we can boast over many other calendars as it is a unique option from Samsung. It is not a reminder, but only a visual element that can be useful to remember that we have a birthday party or something special that day.

To use the stickers, you just have to mark the day in question on the calendar, then click on the face that does not appear and then they will display the variety of stickers available. We have several categories to find the one that best suits the reason for the day on the calendar . So every time we review the calendar, we will remember that that day indicated on the calendar is getting closer and closer and if someone looks at our agenda, they will not know what it is due to.

Give it a touch of color

There is nothing more visual than colors and a way to modify the appearance of our calendar in Samsung is based on events or tasks. With the color modification we will be able to better separate leisure from work on the calendar and it is something that does not take us more than two quick touches on the screen. To do it in Samsung you just have to carry out these steps each time we save a reminder or event.

We choose the text of the reminder or event, along with the time it begins and / or ends. Then we choose the color from the upper right and we can even combine it with a sticker as we have seen previously. Doing this each time, then we will have a colorful calendar where the colors will save us reading to know in which category the event is based. The best of all is that if we use the Google calendar on the computer, the colors will remain once we pick up the mobile and thus we will have everything synchronized even in appearance.

Can it be used on other mobiles?

Although the advantages that we have been able to see in Samsung mobiles and their calendar do not really differ from some aspects seen in the Google calendar, as we have already mentioned with the possibility of colors or with the display options, the extras do not reach other calendar models. In addition, the manufacturer itself layer the apps so that we can use them as we wish on other smartphones.

Only those who have One UI will be able to take advantage of it without limitations. However, our mobile of whatever brand it is, will also have a calendar with some customization options that can convince us in their own way.

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