How to customize the Notification Center on Mac

The macOS Big Sur introduced a visual update for the Mac users. In addition to a new Finder menu, a translucent effect in the app sidebar and new icons, the Notification Center has received a major update. Unlike iOS and iPadOS, the Notification Center on the Mac combines both notifications and widgets. Read along to master the Notification Center on Mac.

The Notification Center on Mac combines all of the data from different apps and stores it in a single place. You can also add built-in widgets from Apple or third-party suppliers of different sizes. You can even use Notification Center to put your Mac in Do Not Disturb mode.

Access the Notification Center on the Mac

The Notification Center is on the right side of the Mac. There are two ways to easily access it on Mac.

  • Go to the top right corner of your Mac menu bar and click Date / Time to open the menu.
  • If you’re using a trackpad with your Mac, place two fingers near the right edge of the pad and swipe left to activate Notification Center. You can swipe right too close the menu. The trick works with third-party apps as well.

Customize Notification Center on Mac

It’s easy to mess with the default Notification Center on Mac. The problem lies in the way macOS handles notifications. It will notify you of the incoming notifications, but macOS won’t discard them when you read them from the app. The notifications remain in the center until you open them via the notification center.

Notifications are grouped when you have multiple notifications from one app. To the exampleIf you have news notifications turned on, the notifications for each news agency are grouped and when you click on one the grouping expands so that you can see all of the notifications.

Just click on the group notifications to expand them. When you hover over a notification, you will see a delete button in the lower left that allows you to discard it.

Use the system settings menu

Similar to iOS, Apple also lets you customize the notification type on Mac as well. When you use Outlook and Slack all day, you don’t need a notification center to process pending notifications. To customize it from the System Preferences menu on Mac, follow these steps.

Step 1: Use the Command + Spacebar keys and open the Spotlight search menu.

Step 2: Enter system settings and open the menu.

Step 3: Go to Notifications> and select the app that you want to customize.

System settings

Step 4: You can choose between None, Banners or Warnings. Activate the badge icons. Or turn off notification for the app entirely.

Add or remove widgets from the Notification Center

Widgets got a huge boost with the macOS Big Sur update. You can add, resize, or remove widgets in the notification center. Several third-party apps are already on board with widget support, and more and more app developers are adding widgets for their macOS apps.

By default, you’ll see some of the standard calendar and weather widgets in the notification panel. Follow the steps below to add more widgets to the Mac notification panel.

Step 1: Open your Mac and tap the day / time in the top right corner.

Step 2: Scroll down and click Edit Widgets.

Edit widgets

Step 3: A new menu bar will open on the left that contains all of the supported widgets for Mac. The widgets are divided into three sizes – Small, Medium and Large. Select the appropriate size and you will see the live preview of the widget on the screen.

Add widgets

Step 4: Hover your mouse over the widget and you will see a live “+” icon to add the widget to the notification panel.

Step 5: Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop the widget into the notification field.

You can also use drag and drop to move widgets around in the Mac notification panel.

Remove widgets from Notification Center

Removing widgets from Notification Center is pretty easy. Open Notification Center and right-click (if using the mouse) or double-click the trackpad. In the pop-up menu that opens, select Remove widget.

Remove widget on Mac

You can also change the widget size from the same menu.

Manage notifications intelligently

While the notification center got a facelift, it takes a while to adjust. The best part is that you can also turn off certain options if you don’t want to use them. That’s because the Notification Center has the potential to be carefully used to save time. So go ahead and customize the Notification Center on your Mac.

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