How to display internet speed in Debian and Ubuntu Desktop

When using a network connection, you may want to check its speed. In fact, sometimes you need to check and monitor the speed of the Internet. And what if you get the speed of the Internet on your desktop without having to open any browser or application. I can show you how to achieve this. Linux has a useful NetSpeed ​​extension that you can use to monitor the speed of the Internet right from your desktop.

Netspeed helps control the download and download speeds of multiple network interfaces. You can view the speed of the Internet on the upper right panel of your desktop. Internet speed is displayed in bytes / sec.

In this article, we will show you how to add the NetSpeed ​​extension to a Linux-based operating system. This is a really quick and easy way to install NetSpeed. We will use the Debian 10 OS to describe the procedure mentioned in this article.

Install NetSpeed ​​Extension

We will install the NetSpeed ​​extension using the Debian Software Center. To start it, press the Windows key on the keyboard to display activity Overview. Then the trait menu appears on the left. From there, select SSoftware Center icon as below.

Then in the software center search bar enter NetpeedWhen the results appear, click on Netpeed expansion.

Search for netspeed app

You will see the following view after clicking on the extension. Now, to display the Internet speed on the desktop, we need to add the NetSpeed ​​extension. To do this, click on set button.

Install Netspeed

A confirmation dialog will then appear to confirm the installation. Click on the set Button to confirm.

Install app

This addition will take only a few seconds. Upon completion, you will see the download and upload speeds for a specific network device in the upper right corner of the desktop.

Network speed displayed in the GNOME desktop navigation bar

When pressed, a small menu appears, displaying all active network interfaces with their download and download speeds, respectively.

Network Speed ​​Details

Configure NetSpeed ​​Extension

To see more information and configure the NetSpeed ​​extension, click the cog icon in the pop-up menu. The Preferences dialog box opens. From there you can configure some parameters, such as:

Monitoring device

If you click the drop-down arrow in front of the monitoring device option, all active network interfaces are displayed. Select the interface you want to control NetSpeed. You have the ability to control one interface or all interfaces.

Bandwidth Amount Display

You can choose to display the download and download speeds on the Internet separately or choose to display the total of both.


By default, NetSpeed ​​will start every 1 second (1000 ms). However, you can change the update interval to any number.

NetSpeed ​​Settings

So, this was a brief overview of installing and using the NetSpeed ​​extension in Debian 10. You can easily install this convenient tool for displaying Internet speed on your desktop.

How to display internet speed in Debian and Ubuntu Desktop