How to download PDFs instead of viewing them Chrome?

While Chrome comes with some nifty features, there are still some that many users may not appreciate. The handling of PDF files has long been controversial in this context.

For the ignorant, if you click on a PDF file link in. click Chrome, then it will not be downloaded directly to your PC. Instead, the file preview window appears, and you won’t be able to download it until the file has fully loaded.

So isn’t it a good thing that the browser is showing the contents of the file before we can actually proceed with the download? Well, in some cases it may be, but in most cases and for a majority of users, this is not what they really want. There are some who want to save the PDF file locally on their PC and view it later.

Additionally, waiting for the file to fully load into the browser before it can be downloaded will take a few extra seconds. It also requires extra effort to manually close the PDF file, which should not be loaded at all. With all the issues in mind, consider a scenario where a user needs to download multiple PDF files.

Well, all of the above issues are just multiplied by the total number of files downloaded!

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Fortunately, however, the browser has a built-in option to change this default setting. You could instruct Chrome to automatically download the PDF without opening it in the preview window.

Download PDF instead of loading Chrome

While Chrome comes with its built-in PDF viewer but is only a barebones version and doesn’t offer users much help compared to standalone PDF apps like Adobe Acrobat. Well, that’s totally understandable there Chrome is first and foremost a browser and the ability to view PDF files is just an additional feature.

While there is nothing wrong with this feature per se, its behavior of automatically popping up the preview window seems to infuriate some users. However, you can easily change the standard functionality of this browser.

Here are the steps to enable PDF download in chrome instead of loading :

  1. begin the Chrome Browser on your computer.
  2. click on the is at the top right.
  3. Choose settings from the menu list.
  4. Scroll to the Privacy and security Section.
  5. click on the Page settings Menu tan.
    Site Settings menu in Chrome Browser
  6. Scroll down and open the Additional content settings Section.
  7. Choose PDF documents Menu.
    Additional content settings PDF Documents tab
  8. Turn on the Shift key for Download PDF files instead of automatically converting them to. to open Chrome .
    Download PDF files instead of automatically converting them to.  to open Chrome Switch

That’s it, restart the browser and see the changes in action. Henceforth, Chrome downloads the PDF file directly without opening the preview window. And if there is ever a change in plan, all you have to do is toggle the switch off and its behavior will be reversed.

Bottom line: Chrome Download PDF

That was all from this guide on how to download the PDF instead of viewing it Chrome. I recently had to download a bank statement to one of the shared computers. These lists are made available by the bank in PDF format.

Once I click on the link of the file, Chrome opened directly in the preview window and all important information was visible to everyone.

At that moment, I decided to keep this switch activated and planned to keep it that way in the near future.

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What do you think of the direct download of the PDF file in chrome? Did you choose the PDF viewer or the download option?

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