How to embed the numeric keyboard into the touchpad of some Asus laptops to work on Linux

A small keyboard (numeric keypad) is embedded in the touchpad of some Asus laptops. You can switch between the touchpad and the keypad using the button located in the upper right corner of the touchpad.

In other words, after following the instructions below, this function is not available by default on Linux.

You can embed this numeric keyboard into the touchpad for use on some ASUS Zenbook models This Python service/driver . This driver has been tested and should be suitable for UX433, M433IA, UX525EA, UX525JA, UX431F, UX363EA, UX333FA, X412DA and other models.see Full list of ASUS models supported here .

I can also confirm that it works with ASUS Zenbook UX433FAC (with% and = symbols) running Ubuntu 21.04 Hirsute Hippo. It may also work for other models, but it has not been tested.

To embed it into the numeric keyboard on the touchpad of some Asus laptops to run on Linux, your system needs to use systemd, and you need to install libevdev2 , python3-libevdev , i2c-tools with git :

  • Debian / Ubuntu / Linux Mint / Pop!_OS / Zorin operating system:
                        sudo apt install libevdev2 python3-libevdev i2c-tools git

  • Arch Linux / Manjaro:
                        sudo pacman -S libevdev python-libevdev i2c-tools git

  • Fedora hat:
                        sudo dnf install libevdev python-libevdev i2c-tools git

For other Linux distributions, you need to figure out the names of these packages (they should be very similar, but not always the same) and install them yourself.

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Next, enable i2c and make sure it detects the i2c chip:


sudo modprobe i2c-dev

sudo i2cdetect -l

Now you can get the latest ASUS Touchpad Numpad Driver for Linux from Git and install it with the following command:


git clone

cd asus-touchpad-numpad-driver

chmod +x

sudo ./

And follow the setup process-the script will ask whether your ASUS laptop keyboard/touchpad contains some symbols and keyboard layout types:

ASUS keypad touchpad installer

After completing the settings, you should be able to switch between the regular touchpad and the keypad using the button in the upper right corner of the touchpad.

It is worth noting that I only used Ubuntu (21.04 Hirsute Hippo) for testing, because it was run on an Asus Zenbook laptop, and testing it in the VM did not work.

If you want to uninstall it, there is a The script next to the installation script. Run it as root and it will delete the ASUS Touchpad Numpad Driver for Linux.

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