How to enable dark mode at sunset on Android

Dark Mode is a feature that changes the user interface to a dark background. This is especially nice for your eyes at night when the light is dim. Here’s how to automatically activate Dark Mode on your Android device at sunset.

System-wide dark mode came with the release of Android 10 on Android and is available in all subsequent versions. The “system-wide” part means that the dark background applies to the entire operating system, not just to individual apps. Because of this, we can enable it anywhere with a simple toggle, or better yet, put it on a schedule.

How to enable dark mode on Android

While system-wide dark mode is available for all Android 10 or newer devices, the process for activating it may differ depending on the phone or manufacturer. We’ll show you what it looks like Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy devices.

First, swipe down from the top of the screen (once or twice, depending on the device manufacturer) and tap the gear icon to open the Settings menu.

Next go to the “Display” settings.

open the display settings

It looks different here depending on the device manufacturer. Most call it “Dark Mode” or “Dark Theme”, but some call it “Night Mode”.

To get to the schedule settings, tap on phones like that. on “Dark Topic”. Google Pixel.

Tap on dark theme

Samsung Galaxy devices offer “Dark Mode Settings”.

Dark mode settings

Next, tap Schedule.

choose a schedule

Now we can select “Switches from sunset to sunrise”, as here on a. you can see Google Pixel.

Select one of the schedule options

On Samsung Galaxy smartphones, the setting is simply called “Sunset to Sunrise”.

Schedule options

That’s it! In order for apps to follow the automatic design change, you should look for a “design” setting in the app. If the app supports system-wide dark mode, you will see an option for the theme to follow the system.

System design in Gmail

At sunset, all apps that follow the system settings are switched to dark mode. This is a great way to protect your eyes at night, and it doesn’t require any input after you’ve set it up.

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