How to enable / disable Microsoft Edge Vertical tabs?

While Microsoft Edge based on the Chromium Source Engine, it tries its best to differentiate itself from its counterpart Google Chrome. And most of the time it is very effective.

By adding tons of new features on a regular basis, he always manages to stay in the spotlight and likely stay one step ahead of other Chromium browsers. In continuation of this tradition, it has added another addition to its extensive collection of functions.

Synced as Vertical tab allows you to move all of your tabs to the left menu bar instead of the previous horizontal one. As a result, the horizontal bar that used to hold your tabs now only shows the tabs that are currently open Name and symbol .

That being said, there are a couple of other practical options that we’ll discuss here.

But first, let’s see the steps to implement this new vertical tab feature in the. to activate Microsoft Edge Browser.


Activate Edge Vertical tabs

By default, the option to enable vertical tabs is not selected. However, we can do it from the Appearance Setting.

Here are the steps to enable vertical tabs on Microsoft Edge :

  1. begin the Edge Browser on your PC.
  2. click on the More to the menu list.
  3. Choose settings Option from the list.
    Microsoft Edge    Settings menu
  4. click on the Appearance Tab from the left menu bar.
  5. Scroll down to the Customize Toolbar section.
  6. click on the To turn on Button next to Show vertical tabs for all current browser windows .
    Show tab action menu and enable vertical tabs in Microsoft Edge
  7. Activate the Show action menu for tabs Toggle button.
    Action menu tab in Microsoft Edge Browser This activates the action menu of the tabs in the header.
  8. click on the Tabs action menu and select the Activate vertical tabs Opportunity.
    Enable vertical tabs in Microsoft Edge from the tab action menu

That’s it, all of your tabs will be moved to the left menu bar and tabs in the header will be disabled.

Adjust the vertical tabs

Now that you’ve enabled this functionality, let’s take a look at the steps to fully use it.

As you may have noticed, to begin with, all vertical tabs are in compressed form, with only their icons visible by default.

Vertical tab bar with site icons inside Microsoft Edge

However, you can quickly expand them by hovering over these tabs. This makes the title of the tabs visible and shows the associated preview window for the tabs.

Vertical tabs are displayed on mouse hover in.  expanded Edge chrome

In addition, there is also the option of leaving the vertical tab in the expanded state all the time. To do this, you have to click Pin icon is at the top right.

Tuck in vertical tab bar Microsoft Edge

Turn off Microsoft Edge Vertical tabs

If at any time you want to go back to the original horizontal tabs, you can turn off the vertical tabs option.

Here are the steps to turn off vertical tabs Microsoft Edge :

  1. begin Microsoft Edge Browser.
  2. click on the Actions tab menu in the vertical bar .
  3. Choose Disable vertical tabs Opportunity.
    Deactivate vertical tabs in Microsoft Edge This will move the vertical tabs to their original horizontal top area.

To permanently disable the tab actions menu, open Microsoft Edge’S settings > Appearance and disable the Show action menu for tabs Opportunity.

Uncheck the Show In tab action menu Microsoft Edge

It removes the tab action menu and moves the horizontal tabs to their original position.

Bottom line: Microsoft Edge Vertical tabs

That concludes the activation guide Vertical tabs in Microsoft Edge Browser. It’s a welcome move from Microsoft to incorporate this unique, but practical, feature into their browser.

In my personal usage experience, I initially found it reluctant to switch, as the horizontal tabs have all been used since the early days. However, after trying it out, it soon became my preferred choice.

What do you think of the vertical tabs in Edge Browser? Are you ready to switch?

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