How to enable Immersive Reader Mode in Edge Computer?

Most popular web browsers support Reader Mode or Reader View as a built-in function. But Microsoft has taken Reader Mode, also known as Immersive Reader, to the next level Edge Chromium browser.

The main goal of Reading Mode is to remove all unwanted elements and ads for clear and easy reading output. Just like Amazon Kindle or any e-reader software app.

The immersive one Edge-Reader is a next level game that has added all of the reader-based features. It also added the read aloud functionality which is nothing more than text-to-speech technology. It also has the line focus and grammar tool for avid readers and writers.

I always look for a clear reading experience, especially on news sites. And with the immersive reading function of Edge I’m pretty stunned. It makes my reading experience amazing.

That Edge Immersive Reading can be easily activated via the URL bar. However, it is not available for every site. Immersive reading is only available for text-heavy websites like news articles, blog posts, wiki pages, etc.

How to enable Immersive Reader Mode in Edge?

We all want the best reading experience. For the best results, we want our reading page to be ad-free. With the Edge Immersive Reader can do this now.

Here are the steps to enable Immersive Reading Mode or Simplified View in Edge computer:

  1. begin Microsoft Edge Browser on a computer.
  2. Open a webpage* in the browser.
  3. Click the Immersive Reader icon in the URL OR press F9 Keyboard shortcuts.
  4. Select the appropriate settings to Show reading mode and settings.

That’s it. Based on your reader mode settings, the output text is displayed in a simplified reader view. We can customize text size, spacing, and page themes (such as color and background). Compared to any other computer browser, this one is immersive Edge-Reader mode outstanding.

[* The edge immersive reader mode won’t appear on every page. It works only on text-heavy sites, like blogs, news sites, and wiki pages.]

In addition to the (immersive) reading mode, the Microsoft Edge provides reading aloud, grammar tools, and reading settings. You can also pin and unpin the Reader View toolbar while reading.

Immersive Reader toolbar and options in Microsoft Edge

Talk more about the Immersive Reader Toolbar –

  • Read out: Helps convert text to speech so that page content can be read aloud and clearly. We can choose the output audio and speed under the language options.
  • Text preference: Helps to adapt the output of the reader view to our needs. As mentioned earlier, it helps to change the text and color for better readability.
  • Grammar tools: This is something cool that I haven’t found in any other browser. It breaks down and breaks the sentences grammatically into parts of speech.
  • Reading preference: It helps with the legibility of a text such as highlighting (line focus), picture dictionary and also text translation.

Bottom line: Edge Immersive reading mode

the Microsoft Edge Immersive reader or reading mode feature is pretty impressive compared to the other best browsers. It has additional features like reading settings and grammar tools that support the reading experience in reader mode.

I personally have the immersive reading function of Edge and it’s by far the best I’ve used. I especially liked the auxiliary tools like line focus and grammar tools that aren’t available in any other web browser.

the Edge offers the reading function, which is very similar to text-to-speech. It will automatically start reading the content aloud for free. We also have the ability to control reading and speech settings.

Let us know what you think after using the immersive reading mode in Edge Computer browser? Are you addicted to it?

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