How to enable right click on trackpad and mouse for iPad

Since iPadOS 13.4 introduced full mouse and trackpad support , the overall experience of the iPad was just superb. The cursor works amazingly well across the entire iPadOS user interface. If you’re using a trackpad or mouse with your iPad, you can make the experience even better by enabling right-click.

iPadOS is littered with useful context menus that you have to access with tap / click and hold – or worse, long presses. If you right click you can get to them much faster.

How to enable right click on the trackpad

To activate the right-click process on a trackpad (such as the Magic Keyboard with Trackpad or the Magic Trackpad 2), first open the Settings app on your iPad. Then click on General in the sidebar. Then click on the trackpad option.

On the following screen, toggle the switch next to Two Finger Secondary Click. You can now right-click your trackpad – simply press the trackpad with two fingers.

Right click mouse to activate trackpad Ipad 2

You can also turn on the slider next to “Tap to Click” to avoid physically pressing the trackpad. This also applies to left-clicking and makes it much easier to interact with the trackpad.

Other options within the screen include Natural Scrolling, which allows you to determine the direction of scrolling with the trackpad. You can also adjust the speed at which the cursor moves using the Tracking Speed ​​slider at the top of the screen.

How to enable the right click on the mouse

If you have an external mouse such as a mouse with your iPad. For example, if you are using a Magic Mouse (2nd Gen), you can easily activate the right mouse button.

Go to the iPad’s settings screen. Then click on the option labeled General. Then select Trackpad & Mouse.

Activate right click mouse trackpad ipad 3

Click on the option labeled Secondary Click.

Right click mouse trackpad ipad 4.  activate

Select Right in the following menu. You can now right click. Alternatively, you can bind the operation to the left mouse button if you want.

Right click mouse trackpad ipad 5.  activate

You can also use the trackpad and mouse screens to change the cursor scroll direction and pointer speed.

Tips on right-clicking on iPadOS

There are numerous cases in iPadOS where a simple right-click can help you get things done much faster. Let’s look at a few.

Icons and widgets

Since a right-click mimics a long squeeze gesture (or a left-click and hold), you can now access the quick action menus on any home screen icon in a split second. To the example, you can instantly open a private tab in Safari by right-clicking the Safari icon and selecting New Private Tab. If you do that a few times, you’ll be using faster actions a lot more often than before.

Right click mouse trackpad ipad 6.  activate

Files and other apps

Right-clicking on a folder or file will bring up a nifty context menu that makes it easy for you to do things like copy, highlight, and rename. You can also right-click on empty areas to create new folders and paste items.

Right click mouse trackpad ipad 7.  activate

The same is true when you right click on items in apps like Photos, Mail, etc. Expect to see familiar menus that would otherwise require long presses. From a productivity standpoint, this works wonders.

Web links

You can right-click any web link to display a context menu of interesting actions. In Safari, for example, you have the choice between opening a link in the background, adding it to the reading list, or copying the URL to your clipboard.

Right click mouse trackpad ipad 8.  activate

control center

The Control Center plays an important role in managing your iPad with quick network access, playback, and display-related options. With a right click you can easily dive into any control and access additional options. To the exampleif you right click on the brightness slider, the toggles for Dark Mode, Night Shift and True Tone will appear.

Right click mouse trackpad ipad 9.  activate

Back menu

Right-clicking on various items in apps can often produce nifty results. If you’re dealing with multiple pages in a native iPadOS app, such as: exampleif you right click the go back button a menu of previous pages will appear.

Right click mouse trackpad ipad 10.  activate

You can then choose the exact page you want to return to instead of clicking the button multiple times.

Do it right

The ability to right-click your trackpad or mouse is essential to staying productive on iPad. Certain apps still need to implement better mouse interactivity on the iPad (Google Docs, anyone?). But for a device that was completely without mouse support a year ago, the cursor functionality we already have is pretty extraordinary.

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