How to enable sleeping tabs in Edge and other tricks

Browsers are notorious for consuming system resources. Open a dozen tabs on a laptop or PC with little RAM and you could be staring at a blank wall for minutes. It slows you down and can be quite annoying if it happens on a regular basis. Microsoft’s Edge fixed this problem with its Sleeping Tabs feature.

This feature helps you optimize system resources by putting inactive tabs to sleep, much like the sleeping apps on your Android phone. So it naturally relieves the CPU and enables you to have a distraction-free everyday life.

So if you use Microsoft Edge, or if you plan to make the move soon, you can turn on Sleeping Tabs.

How do sleeping pills work?

Browsers tend to consume system resources and this comes into play when you have dozens of tabs open together. Even if you don’t actively use these tabs, they still consume resources that can affect browser performance.

Putting tabs to sleep can reduce memory usage by around 32%.

Sleeping pills help prevent just that. It puts inactive tabs to sleep, relieving the resources of the CPU. According to Microsoft, putting tabs to sleep can be reduced Memory utilization by around 32% on average. At the same time, the battery life of your laptop is less stressed.

As you might have expected, there is no way of choosing which tabs to put to sleep. The system will automatically detect the inactive tabs and take action based on your browser settings.

The reverse is also possible. To the exampleif you want a tab never to go to sleep, you can whitelist it.

How to enable sleeping tabs

Activating sleeping pills is easy and takes barely a minute to set up.

Step 1: Open minded Microsoft Edge and click the three dot menu in the top right corner. Now select Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down and select Settings in the left pane. Under Optimize performance, toggle the switch for Save resources.

How to enable sleeping tabs in Edge and other tricks 3

Step 3: Next, choose the time of inactivity. The default is set to 2 hours, but you can choose just 10 minutes.

How to enable sleeping tabs in Edge and other tricks 4

Step 4: When you’re done, tap the little Add button to whitelist the websites that you don’t want to hibernate. For example, if you’re using the web version of apps like Slack and Basecamp, you can add them to this list to avoid missing notifications and warnings.

How to enable sleeping tabs in Edge and other tricks 5

And that’s it. You have sleeping pills on yours. activated Microsoft Edge.

How do you recognize a sleeping pill? The color of the tabs will fade. To activate the tab, just click on it, and that’s it.

Bonus tricks:

Startup boost

Another handy feature of the Microsoft Edge is the startup boost. This is especially helpful if you have Edge as the default browser. When enabled, it will help start up Edge fast, even when the system is loaded.

According to Microsoft’s numbers, enabling Startup Boost shows that the time improves between 29% and 41%.

As with the sleep tabs, this function can be found under Settings. You can navigate using the same path as mentioned earlier.

How to enable sleeping tabs in Edge and other tricks 6

Or you can just type the following in the address bar.


Now all you have to do is toggle the switch.

Customize the new tab

When you open a new tab. to open Microsoft Edge, it gives you many options. But to be honest, some of the elements can be a little bit distracting. If you find yourself clicking the news area (and slipping into the rabbit hole) a lot, it’s best to customize the page to suit your needs.

For now, Edge offers you three options – focused, inspiring and informative. If you want an easy way out, you can just select the Focused option. This will remove the background image and add a simple background with just the short links below the search bar.

How to enable sleeping tabs in Edge and other tricks 42

If you are still not happy with it, you can customize it to your liking. To the example, you can keep the picture of the day and remove the quicklinks and content.

All you have to do is turn off the switches as shown below.

How to enable sleeping tabs in Edge and other tricks 256

Lastly, go to Settings> Appearance to change the theme to dark (if your system default theme is not dark).

Start your browser

The way you customize your browser – bookmarks, new tabs, or extensions – plays a huge role in increasing your productivity and helping you focus. The idea is to walk the fine line between minimalism and overcrowding of the browser. Very helpful if you are doing a lot of online tools.

With the Sleeping Tabs activated, you can be sure that neither you nor your work will slow down.

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