How to fix an Android mobile that has been “frozen”

Mobile phones, no matter how efficient they may be, are unfortunately not a technological device without failures and on some occasion we will have to face different problems of use from which it is very difficult to escape, including that the mobile is completely ‘ frozen ‘ . This fact can lead to many headaches. In addition, this is aggravated if we find that the Android mobile does not turn on.

Luckily, there are different ways to solve it, although we must also know what are the possible causes that have led to the mobile being hung. Although, having access to the recovery at least we could do a hard reset on Android and erase all the data from the system, leaving it as new.

But, nevertheless, the situation we face is more complicated and can come from several cases. Among them, our mobile can keep thinking continuously or fixed on the logo.

Possible causes

Unfortunately, the reasons why this can happen are very diverse, but are generally related to the software of the phone itself. And it is that, surely, some file has been corrupted and we must restart, and then reinstall the operating system in order to end the error and make the smartphone turn on normally, it does not get stuck in the manufacturer’s logo or it does not refreeze in no time.

An update

The software updates of our mobiles become one of the most common causes that cause Android phones to freeze at any time, either at the beginning just by showing the brand logo or when we are using it. Although, it will normally result in a crash when we turn on the smartphone. This occurs when the update did not complete as it should.

For an application

If an application was recently installed on the device, there is a high probability that the app is not compatible with other applications on the device itself or with the version of Android that we have on the terminal, or simply that it affects the performance of the smartphone by demanding too much RAM .

When an application conflicts with the Android system and other software or becomes out of date, it can lead to this problem. Although this happens especially when we have downloaded an app from a third-party source outside of Google Play.


Malware usually takes control of the Android system, so it could perfectly be the main culprit that our mobile phone has been stuck. Basically, a virus can cause the system to shut down and not restart normally. Usually the user cannot control the device and that is why it shuts itself off. Luckily, there is a solution to this.

Fault and solution

Sometimes a simple reboot can solve the problem. But, this cannot be a solution every time this same error appears on our mobile. In the following situations we will tell you what will be the best way to act in each case so that you can take action when this failure appears.

The first situation we face is when the mobile does not start and continuously stays on the Android logo or the brand itself. Faced with this problem, the only thing we can do is try to contact the computer and the mobile to extract our files, but most likely we will have to give them up for lost.

Now we will have to access the recovery of the mobile , which will allow us to complete the hard reset and return it to the factory state. With this process we can turn the mobile on again, although we will lose everything we had saved. It is the only solution that we have within our reach and to do so we will have to follow these steps that we show you, always with the plug connected to power, because if we run out of battery there might be no solution.

Therefore, we will try to turn on the mobile by holding down the power button for 10 seconds. When it turns on, we will let it start for 5 minutes . In case it does not succeed, we will press the volume up + power buttons for a few seconds until it vibrates. In some models it can be volume down + power on, it will be a matter of trying both methods.

Once a series of small letters appear, we will be in the recovery menu. Here we move with the volume up and down keys, accepting with the power button. Now we go to ‘ Wipe data / Factory reset ‘ and press the power button. After this, we will have to place ourselves on ‘Yes’ and accept. Finally, we choose ‘Reboot system now’ and the mobile will return to the factory state, erasing all the data.

In an app

Actually any application on the system can cause a phone to get caught . The best thing to do is to try to start the device in safe mode, which disables these types of apps. If the device works fine in this mode, then the problem is mainly due to the installation of a recently installed app.

To boot your device in safe mode, turn off the mobile device and then press and hold the power button. When the Android or brand logo of your mobile appears on the screen, release the power key. Next, you should immediately press and hold the volume down button.

In addition, once we enter this mode we can eliminate all applications suspected of containing viruses or whose operation does nothing but give us problems. To do this, access the mobile settings and delete the desired apps from the Applications menu. And this will be the most effective way to eliminate viruses from your mobile .

On lock screen

Also, the frozen mobile can occur when we are in the terminal lock panel. In these cases, the best solution will be to force restart the smartphone. This allows all RAM to be freed up and all processes to stop completely. With this we get the mobile out of that situation from which it cannot get out no matter how much we have it.

To try to force restart the mobile phone, you will have to press and hold the volume down button and the power button at the same time. Depending on the brand, you will have to wait a few seconds more or less, but just press them until the screen turns off and the Android logo appears on the screen, making it clear that the smartphone has been turned off and turned on again.

“No command” message

When trying to follow the process of doing a Hard Reset, the solution for many of these failures, it is possible that we have encountered a problem that can cause us many doubts and which becomes a stone in the way to fix the mobile that does not turn on . However, the solution is simpler than we think.

Once the “No command” message appears after doing a factory reset, we will have to do it by holding down the power button for two seconds. Then we will give it just one touch to higher volume. And, instantly the mobile will enter the recovery mode forcibly, where we can continue with the steps that we have shown you before.

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