How to Fix Bluetooth Problems on Google Pixels

Years ago, when the first Google Pixels saw the light, they faced multiple problems with the Bluetooth connection . This error seems to have been reborn with Android 11 and many users are intermittently with bugs that prevent them from connecting the mobile phone to the car or wireless headphones in some cases.

To date, many users have complained on social networks and in forums, where we find testimonies that explain what happened. In some cases everything began to arrive as soon as the devices were updated to Android 11 and in other cases a long time later. In addition, there is not only one affected device, but practically all Google Pixels have had to suffer it , seeing it more repeatedly in the Google Pixel 4a, which can be purchased in Spain.

Unstable Bluetooth connection of the Google Pixel in the car

The main error that has appeared even in the Google forums and to which special attention has been paid, has ended up being admitted since many have been the users who explain how Bluetooth music is cut without prior notice, the playback bar is modified and for more complication in the mobile everything seemed to work well. The definitive solution has already been launched, after checking on the page dedicated to reporting Google errors , how the thread has been growing progressively until so much problem has ended up giving reason to users.

Possibly the error ends up solving for all devices, for now they are focusing on making the Google Pixel Bluetooth stable in cars . Something that might take a while, but sooner or later should be fixed with a security patch.

How to fix it on our own

If we are one of those affected by the problem with Bluetooth, we can turn to the solutions that many users are using to fix it. They are not the best alternative, but nevertheless they are the ones that have had the most positive effects after trying many options. When Google manages to find the problem and administers the security patch with the corresponding solution, we can return everything to normal.

First we can access Settings> Applications, in the list of all of them we are going to touch on the app that we usually use to listen to music and which is suffering from the Bluetooth problem in the car or on other devices . In the options, we will choose “Battery” and then enter “Battery optimization” and locate Spotify again to check the “Do not optimize” option.

With the previous steps, everything should be solved, since it is what has worked for many, but nevertheless, we can also try to deactivate the location of the mobile just by entering Settings> Location, an added step that can help.

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