How to fix "Check your connection and try again" in the Google Play Store

As an Android user, you have likely encountered a lot of app issues and operating system errors. And one of the more common problem areas is the Google Play Store.

If you still see “Check the connection and try again” in the Play Store, Google Assistant, or other apps, try the following methods to resolve the issue. These steps should work for most versions of Android.

Correct incorrect date and time settings

Many apps require your phone to have the correct date and time settings configured to function properly.

You should review your date and time settings and, if you have not already done so, correct them by following these steps:

  1. Open minded settings , Tap system , and choose Appointment time .
  2. Turn on the switches for both Use time provided by the network and Use the time zone provided by the network Options.

Your phone should now display the correct date and time.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, configure the date and time four years in the future, open the Play Store, close in the Play Store, then use the automatic date and time option. This workaround can help resolve the issue.

Remove the hosts file

Your phone uses a file called hosts to define how you connect to various services on the internet. Sometimes problems arise with this file and it results in many services not working on your phone including the Google Play Store.

One way to fix this is to delete this hosts file from your phone. This shouldn’t have any negative impact on your device and it can potentially fix your problem.

You need a rooted phone, then follow these steps to remove the hosts file:

  1. Install a free root explorer app like Solid Explorer file manager (You can download this app on your Android device).
  2. Open the app, tap the menu at the top and select the gear icon.
  3. Activate the Show root storage Option, and then return to the main interface.
  4. Choose root from the sidebar and open that Etc Folder on the right.
  5. Find the file named host and delete it.

Change the DNS server

There may be a problem with your DNS servers and your phone cannot resolve IP addresses. This can prevent you from accessing various online services.

One way to fix this is to change your DNS servers. You can switch to Google Public DNS, which is online most of the time.

How to configure these DNS servers on your phone:

  1. Go in Settings> WiFi & Network> WiFi , then tap the gear icon next to your Wi-Fi network.
  2. At the top, tap the edit icon.
  3. Expand Expanded options and choose Static of the IP settings Menu.
  4. Enter in DNS 1 and in DNS 2 .
  5. Enter a custom IP in IP address Field and tap Save on computer .

Open that Load game and see if the “Check the connection and try again” problem is resolved.

Use other Google apps

“Please check the connection and try again” appears in the Google Play Store because your phone cannot connect to Google’s servers.

If you encounter such problems, you can force a connection to the Google servers. One way to do this is to use other Google apps on your phone, which will initiate and connect to the Google servers.

This method may or may not work, but it can’t hurt to try it. You can use the method by opening a Google app like Google Maps and navigating some maps.

Then open the Google Play Store and see if it works.

Clear cache and data for Google Play Store

Like other apps, the Google Play Store stores cache and data files on your device. You can delete these files to see if that fixes the problem.

That’s how it’s done:

  1. Go to Settings> Apps & notifications> Google Play Store on your device.
  2. Tap Storage & cache , then tap clear cache followed by Clear the warehouse .

This will reset any changes you made in Settings. So you have to apply them again the next time you start the app.

Disable your VPN

A VPN forwards your internet connection and this can get in the way of your phone and the Google Play Store servers at times. If you’re using a VPN on Android, turn the service off, then open the Play Store.

While there is no guarantee that disabling a VPN will fix the “check your connection and try again” problem, you can try it and see if it works.

Remove your Google Account and add it again

The problem may be with your Google Account. If so, you can remove your account from your phone and then add it back.

This should likely fix any issues related to your account. To remove and re-add your account:

  1. begin settings , Tap Accounts , then find and select your Google Account from the list.
  2. Tap remove account on the following screen.
  3. Once the account is removed, go into Settings> Accounts and tap Add account to add your Google account again.

Reset your device to factory settings

If nothing else works to fix the “Check the connection and try again” error on the Play Store, your final solution is to factory reset your device.

This will erase all of your data including your settings and apps. If something was wrong with your phone, it should likely be fixed.

Before going any further, make sure to back up your important files on your Android device. Then follow these steps to reset:

  1. Enter settings , Tap system , and choose Reset options .
  2. Tap Delete all data (factory reset) to start resetting your device.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to reset your device.
  4. Set up your device from scratch.

Make the Google Play Store accessible again on Android

You can get most of your apps from the Google Play Store. If this stops working, you will not be able to get or update your installed apps.

Fortunately, the solutions above should help resolve the “check connection and try again” problem so you can connect to the store and access your items. They should also help resolve any other internet connection issues that you have on Android.

There are many types of issues that you can encounter while using the Google Play Store. Fortunately, you can use several methods available to fix most of these problems.

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