How to Fix Seed Connection Issues in uTorrent

Everything related to torrent networks has been with us for decades, where clients are a fundamental part. For those of you who don’t know, when we talk about torrent clients, we mean applications that allow torrent file transfers via P2P . There are many proposals in this sense that we can use, as with uTorrent, a program that sometimes has connection problems with the seeds and that we will see how to solve.

This is one of the best known and most used proposals around the world when it comes to sharing these files, but it is not without its flaws, like all of them. And we must know that the transfers that we carry out here depend to a large extent on the file being present on the network.

How to start a torrent download on the client

Either in part or in whole, that torrent has to be available on other computers that are willing to share or transfer the file.

For all this we have the possibility of using one of the many torrent clients available, most of them free. As we mentioned before, uTorrent is one of the most popular and, like most, very easy to use, you can download it from here . All we have to do at first is upload a torrent to download and add it to the client. This file begins with its download process as soon as we add it to the mentioned client .

Therefore, it follows a quick and easy process in the background before starting to download. This process consists of connecting to the available peers or seeds . These are actually the rest of the computers that have the file or parts of it so that we can start downloading from those seeds. It should be mentioned that this is an initial process that takes only a few seconds.

Therefore, in the event that uTorrent gets stuck or blocks in this connection step that we tell you, that does not connect with seeds, we have a problem.

Solutions to seed connection failure in uTorrent

This is because some torrents download more slowly. But if after a while the download does not start because it does not connect with the seeds , there are other possible solutions. The first thing we can do is wait a bit to see if the download starts after a few minutes. And it is that sometimes this process takes a little longer than usual, especially if the amount of seeds available for that specific torrent are small.

In the same way, we recommend that you run the program as an administrator and thus avoid possible connectivity problems . For this we only have to click on its icon with the right button and select this option.

But if this still doesn’t work, we have the possibility to try some of these other solutions to the problem with the seeds in uTorrent.

Disconnect the VPN to connect with seeds in uTorrent

Sometimes certain torrents are blocked in our country or network, so a VPN can help us avoid it. Therefore, if we are using a VPN at the moment and we see the problem with the seeds in uTorrent, try disconnecting it and try again. And it is possible that this virtual private network is the real cause of connectivity problems. As you can imagine, this is something that can be extrapolated to most customers.

Try another torrent

Likewise, it can be assumed that this torrent is completely disconnected. This means that the available seeds are not connected and therefore the torrent cannot connect to them. In general, this is evident, since the file itself informs us of the active seeds at that moment.

To ensure that the failure is not due to the program itself, it is best to try downloading a different torrent and see if it starts downloading. If it does, the problem is with the file itself, so we’ll have to wait for the seeds to connect.

Look at the Firewall configuration

It is possible that the Windows Firewall is blocked by default uTorrent, which will not allow us to download anything through this application. Therefore, to make sure that the problem does not come from there. To do this, we go to the Control Panel, from which we access System and Security / Windows Defender Firewall / Allow an application or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.

Here we only have to locate the entry corresponding to the program, uTorrent, and allow uTorrent its connection in the public and private networks.

Delete the resume.dat file

Something we should know is that uTorrent saves the download sessions in a file called resume.dat. Therefore, if for whatever reason this particular file is corrupted, it may interfere with the download and cause uTorrent to not be able to connect to the seeds. At this point, the first thing we do is exit the application and open File Explorer. We go to the View tab where we activate the Hidden elements box.

So we go to the following location:


Now we can delete the files called resume.dat and resume.old.dat, so we only have to run uTorrent again to see if the seeds are working.

Force transfer protocol activation

This is another step that we can take in the client’s own configuration if we encounter the problem described with the seeds. Therefore, again we go to Options / Preferences and go to the Bittorrent section. Now what we do is open the Encryption protocol drop-down menu where we can select the Forced option.

Enable uTorrent port mapping

The failure with the seeds in uTorrent can also depend on the type of file we are trying to download or its origin. Saying that turning on port mapping here can force the torrent to start and make it work. Therefore, in the client that concerns us in these lines, we go to the Options / Preferences menu, where we select the Connection tab.

Once in the new window that appears, we just have to enable the options Enable UPnP port mapping, enable NAT-PMP port mapping and Add Windows Firewall exception. We save the changes and restart the program completely to see if it has been solved in failure.

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