How to Fix the Problems to Change the Wallpaper in Android

Personalization is one of the key points of Android phones and one of the simplest ways that we find to give a new style to the terminal is by changing the wallpaper. However, there are many who have encountered problems to change the mobile wallpaper, which have not been able to see it correctly as they would like.

With the intention that this problem does not continue to give you headaches, we are going to check what is happening and what we can do about it to solve it. Even if your problem is different, we invite you to take a look at all the solutions, which may be the key to the error you are suffering.

Wallpaper is not saved

When we get to modify the wallpaper we can find that although it is a simple process where we only have to choose the background that we like and click on save, it does not end up being applied to the device. The cause of this in most cases is due to the fact that we are using Google Play applications that offer us the function of setting an image as wallpaper, but it does not work on our smartphone.

But the solution is very simple since we only have to use that app to download the image we like and save it in our internal memory. Then we will have to access Settings> Display> Wallpaper and choose the one that we saved previously. Once we click on set as wallpaper, it will be saved without problem since now we do not depend on other apps.

Put a different wallpaper on the lock screen

Another of the most frequent Android problems when changing the screen background occurs when we try to put the wallpaper only on the home screen or on the lock screen and for some reason the system interprets it for both. In this case, the process will not change much with respect to the previous option, so we recommend that you save the image in the memory of the mobile phone and then follow these steps, since some external apps do not allow you to do it individually.

  • We enter the mobile Settings.
  • We touch on Screen.
  • Later in wallpapers.
  • We choose our desired image.
  • Click on Set wallpaper.
  • And finally we decide if we want to use it as “Lock screen” or “Home and lock screen”.

What if I want to change only the home screen?

As we have seen entirely, the system only allows us to change the home screen next to the lock background, a change that takes a short time in Android stock and yet does not affect all the customization layers, so you will have to check how you do it. it affects. In this case, we will first have to set the wallpaper for both of them and then change the wallpaper again individually.

The wallpaper size is changed by itself

Once we have established our desired wallpaper, we may find that the image does not adapt as we expected to our screen, which is due to the fact that the averages do not match . Not all smartphones have the same resolution or the same aspect ratio, which is key when using a wallpaper. To find the ideal size, we can use the information sheets on our site, where you will find what you need.

Then we just have to go to Google to find an image that suits our stockings through websites or Google’s own images. By downloading the desired image and applying it, we can see how now the dimensions are no longer modified, since they fit perfectly on the screen of the Android mobile.

My mobile changes the wallpaper automatically

Among the situations and options of the customization layers in Android that can make us think of an error, there is the option that automatically modifies the wallpaper. There are fewer and fewer layers that offer this, but it is still present in some such as MIUI, One UI or EMUI. We are only going to have to enter the settings, locate the wallpapers and change this option, which is not an error with the wallpaper but a bad choice. In this way, we will have a static wallpaper that will not rotate continuously as if it were a carousel of images.

I can’t put my photos as wallpaper

We have seen that downloading a custom image for our mobile is not difficult, but nevertheless the photos we take with the mobile are not always easy to use as wallpaper without problems . This in many cases is due to an internal Android error that makes it difficult for us to use it, but which is easily solved as follows:

  • We access the mobile Settings.
  • Then we look for Options and enter them.
  • We touch on the three points and choose to see system options.
  • Now we look for Wallpaper.
  • To finally access it, enter Storage and clear the cache and data.

With this process we will have started the section of the system that is creating problems by using the camera image with its own wallpaper.

Wallpaper is blurry

An error that can be exasperating and cause us some confusion, appears when we manage to set the wallpaper but nevertheless it is not seen with the desired sharpness. This leads us to think about several things, such as that we have cropped the original image too much to use as a wallpaper or that the image itself does not have the resolution that our screen needs.

In the second case, we invite you to find, as we have seen before, an image for the wallpaper that adapts to our measurements. If it is an image cropped or made by us and adapted, it will be better not to choose a small part of the image because it will be the culprit of showing the pixels in the wallpaper and it can only be solved using the whole image.

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