How to fix VMware Workstation and VMware Player not launching on fedora 23

I realized after installation Vmware Workstation and VMware Player Up Fedora 23It takes a lot of effort to get it running. I think the Fedora team should have solved it, but now, let’s find another way to get VMware running.

As we wait for VMware and Fedora to provide us with patches as soon as possible, use this technique to resolve the issue. To get VMware running on Fedora 23, use the following simple process. This should be done after upgrading the release.

sudo dnf -y upgrade

2. Force rebuild the VMWare module by typing the following command.

sudo vmware-modconfig --console --install-all

3. Run the following command step by step

sudo cd /usr/lib/vmware/lib 
sudo cp -afv /usr/lib64/
sudo cp -afv /usr/lib64/
sudo cp -afv /usr/lib64/
sudo cp -afv /usr/lib64/
sudo cp -afv /usr/lib64/


sudo cd /usr/bin/
sudo mv -iv vmplayer vmplayer.bin
sudo mv -iv vmware vmware.bin

Create and replace vmplayer and vmware scripts by

vi /usr/bin/vmplayer

Then paste the following and save the file.

/usr/bin/vmplayer.bin $*

Do it again

sudo vim /usr/bin/vmware

And paste the following lines of code and save the file.

/usr/bin/vmware.bin $*

Make the two files we created above executable.

sudo chown a+x /usr/bin/vmware
sudo chown a+x /usr/bin/vmplayer

Try launching both the VMware Player and the workstation to see if they launch successfully. My job is up, I hope you can do it too.



$ VMWARE_USE_SHIPPED_LIBS=force vmplayer

If launched, you can use the GUI launcher and enjoy the VMware Hypervisor.