How to force dark mode in Android Auto

Android Auto, as a good intelligent assistance system for your vehicle, has a multitude of tools at its disposal. The purpose of these is that trips or journeys of any kind become as comfortable as possible for the user.

Although it also contains functions that, far from having to do with road safety, allow you to customize the interface to your liking. An example of this is the ability to force the application’s Dark Mode , although few people know how.

Developer options

Actually, by default, Android Auto switches between light and dark modes based on your car’s settings. To keep the second fixed, you will have to access the application’s developer settings.

In the same way that your own phone has the ability to access these types of settings, so does the app developed by Google. Entering them will provide you with the possibility of entering a hidden menu that has additional settings.

All you have to do to activate it is open the Android Auto software on your mobile, slide the menu on the left and select ‘Settings’. After that, go down to the bottom until you come across a section called ‘Version’ . Tap repeatedly until a prompt appears to enable developer options and accept.

Set Dark Mode

Once these options are activated, it is time to set the Dark Mode as fixed. To do this, open the ‘Settings’ menu again, click on the three vertical dots in the upper right area and select ‘Developer settings’.

The number of features you can activate is overwhelming, but unfortunately, you can’t fix the app’s problems. If you touch ‘Day / night’ you can choose between three options: Controlled by the car, controlled by the phone, day or night.

The first one will control the theme of the application based on the lighting conditions outside. That is, when the headlights come on, Android Auto goes dark. Day and night speak for themselves. By pressing on the second you will set the night mode as fixed.

On the other hand, if you choose to control it from your smartphone, the application will follow the configuration of the device . Therefore, if your mobile has the dark mode installed by default, the app will do the same with its interface. So you can select any of the last two alternatives for it.

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