How to get dark GNOME Shell menus and dialogs on Ubuntu 19.10 with Yaru theme

For Ubuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine), the default Yaru theme pack has undergone some significant changes. One of these changes is the use of light-colored menus and dialogs (with dark panels) for the GNOME Shell theme. If you want to change the Ubuntu 19.10 Shell theme (Yaru) to use dark menus and dialogs, this article explains how to do this.
I see a lot of confused users, so let me explain it before continuing. The application (GTK +) theme in the Tweaks application only changes … the application theme, and the shell theme is not affected by this. So even if you switch the application theme to Yaru-dark, the Shell theme continues to use light-colored menus and dialogs. What you need to change to have different GNOME Shell menus and dialogs is the GNOME Shell theme (step 2 in the instructions below will let you know how to do this). Pull requirements (Update: merged now) On the Yaru Github repository, which supports the installation of the Yaru-light (default) and Yaru-dark Shell themes, allowing users to change this theme from the Tweaks application (Appearance -> Shell). And, even with the Vanilla GNOME Shell extension, this allows Yaru (and its variants) to be selected from the GNOME Tweaks application, which was previously impossible.
It’s unclear when and when to install it in Ubuntu 19.10, but now anyone who wants to do this can follow the instructions below to install the latest Yaru from that Git branch and change the shell theme. It’s worth noting that even if Yaru-dark is set as the Shell theme, the login / lock screen menus and dialogs using GDM3 will remain white. See also: How to use different GTK 3 themes for specific applications In some cases, for non-native applications (such as Sublime Text, Atom or VS Code), you can get a light-colored menu with a dark UI application, which will help.

How to install a new Yaru theme (menu and dialog) with light and dark GNOME Shell themes

Yaru GNOME Shell theme with dark menu

Please note that following the instructions below will replace the Yaru theme you may have installed in your system /usr/share/themes. However, on Ubuntu, this text can be easily restored by reinstalling the Yaru theme pack (found instructions at the end of this article). And, if you have Yaru installed in the following locations, ~/.themes, Please delete it before proceeding.
1. Install Yaru from Git
The following command will install the required build dependencies, clone the Yaru GitHub repository, build and install the theme:

sudo apt install git meson sassc libglib2.0-dev libxml2-utils
git clone
cd yaru
meson build
cd build
sudo ninja install

2. Install GNOME Tweaks and GNOME Shell User Theme Extensions (if not already installed)
This command will install the GNOME Tweaks application and the official GNOME Shell extension package (which contains the user theme extensions we need):

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks gnome-shell-extensions

After that, if you use Xorg, restart GNOME Shell by pressing Alt + F2And enter r then press Enter. Or log out and log in to restart your session (if you are using Wayland).
3. Enable user theme extension and switch to Yaru-dark Shell theme
Now you need to open the Tweaks application (if it is already running, close and restart it), go to Extensions In its sidebar and enable User themes extension. Close the Tweaks application, launch it again, click Appearance In its sidebar, you will be able to change Shell The theme there. Change it to Yaru-dark to get dark shell menus and dialogs:Change Yaru Dark GNOME Shell Theme

Since you have installed the latest Yaru from the Git branch, with both light and dark Shell theme variants, you can switch to Yaru-dark or Yaru-light (in case you use the light menu again). of Default Yaru-light (with dark panels, but light-colored shell menus and dialog boxes) still exists.

How to undo changes

To undo the changes and return to the default Yaru theme pack, exactly the same settings as in the repository, delete the Yaru, Yaru-dark and Yaru-light folders from /usr/share/themesAnd then reinstall Yaru GTK + and GNOME Shell themes:

sudo rm -r /usr/share/themes/{Yaru,Yaru-dark,Yaru-light}

sudo apt install --reinstall yaru-theme-gnome-shell yaru-theme-gtk