How to get the Linux OS name version and kernel details

You can easily get the system distribution name, version, and kernel details on Linux. There are several methods, options, and GUI tools available. However, you can also view these details without the need for a third-party Linux GUI tool. These details can be easily found in the command line terminal application. This article describes how to use a terminal application to get and find Linux OS distribution name, version, and kernel details with command line methods. If you don’t have access to the GUI, it can help troubleshoot other people or your system. This tutorial uses Ubuntu.

Method 1: Use hostnamectl to get the name, version and kernel of the Linux OS

Run this command in the terminal software (ctrl + alt + t).


Method 2: Get the Linux OS name, version, codename using cat etc.

cat /etc/os-release


Method 3:Get the Linux OS name and kernel using uname

uname -a

Method 4:Use lsb_release to get the name, version, and codename of the Linux OS

lsb_release -a


Method 5:Use catproc to get the Linux OS name and kernel

cat /proc/version

cat proc

Method 6:Get the name and version of the Linux OS using the cat issue

cat /etc/issue

Cat problem

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