How to get the snap package size before downloading

The snap package combines the application and all its dependencies into a single compressed file using the SquashFS format with a .snap extension, which is decompressed during installation. Snap is a self-contained application that runs in the sandbox and is mounted by the host operating system after installation. The main drawback of snap packages is that the installation files are large compared to regular DEB files and use more hard drive space on your system.

Check the snap package size

Therefore, before installing the snap package file from Snap store You can check the snap size using the snap command below. This is useful if your computer has a low disk space. Open a terminal command line application (ctrl + alt + t) and run the command as follows:

snap info package_name


Telegram desktop snap

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For the Telegram Desktop snap app, the package name is “Telegram-Desktop“. To see the snap size, run all the details about that snap in the terminal.

snap info telegram-desktop

Here is the latest stable Telegram desktop snap app version 2.7.4 The size is 315MB.. This way you get the size.

It also shows all snap details, including snap URLs, descriptions, and publisher details. You can install the snap using the following command:


sudo snap install telegram-desktop

that’s all.

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