How to hide photos and files on Xiaomi phones

Although we have nothing to hide, it is not a tasteful dish that no one can see what we keep on our mobile. That is why sometimes we find ourselves with the need to hide photos or files before lending it to a family member or friend. If we do not do it, at this point we will only have to trust that they do not access the gallery or the archives.

In case we have a mobile phone from the Chinese manufacturer, we will have the solution, since we can hide images or everything we want with the help of MIUI. Some options with the intention of protecting the files even more. Previously, with alternative methods, protected photos could be taken, something that now becomes impossible with the use of the Xiaomi cloud.

Hide your photos and videos

The first method that the manufacturer offers us, present in MIUI 12 and earlier versions, is based on the multimedia contents that we do with the camera of our mobile or those that we have downloaded. Everything that is in this gallery can be hidden with the operating system options. We show you how you can protect these elements without complications.

Activate the private folder

The first thing we must do to hide photos on Xiaomi phones is to go to the native gallery application, which is already installed with our mobile. When accessing it we will have to go to an album and select one or more images.

Then we will have to click on the Add to album button and choose the Private album option. The first time we do it is where we are going to find the great news that we explain to you. Well, we are going to have to use an existing or new Mi account for the Xiaomi Cloud tool to start working on our mobile phone. Without this account, we will not be able to hide any element from the gallery, since it is a necessary and essential function.

To complete the process, we will have to confirm that it is us with the help of the PIN, pattern or security password. This is the one that will appear every time we go to access the private photos and videos on the smartphone.

Choose what to save

Now we just have to follow a few simple and quick steps that will allow us to hide images on mobile phones of the brand to prevent the photos and videos of the mobile from being available to anyone. Only the elements that we say will be protected, since the others will continue to be visible to anyone. The process to follow is as follows:

  1. We open the gallery.
  2. We leave the finger pressed on an element.
  3. Click on the lower option called Add to album.
  4. Then we choose Private album.
  5. We confirm the process.

Access the private area

When we want to open the private folder we will only have to enter the terminal gallery. Then click on the space for Albums and slide down as much as we can. This will launch the protection system that we have on the configured mobile. Once entered, we can see and do with the hidden photos or videos whatever we want.

Safe files

As we do not always want to save photos and videos, but we want to protect files on Xiaomi, we have to think of another alternative. The MIUI layer is full of possibilities and does not overlook the one that we propose. That is why we are going to have to follow a few simple steps that we explain to you and that are valid in all the firm’s mobiles that have MIUI 10, MIUI 11 or MIUI 12 onwards.


To start the maximum security against files we have to go to the Files application on our smartphone, which is in the tools folder by default. Once inside the steps are very easy:

  1. We accept the necessary permits.
  2. We touch on the drop-down menu.
  3. We choose the Private files option.
  4. We confirm that the password will be the same that we use on the smartphone.

Choose the elements

For the files to be fully protected by MIUI, we have to choose below any of the elements of the smartphone, be it a PDF document, Word documents or an APK, among many other options. For this we have it pressed with a finger and in the More option we will choose to move it to the private files folder. This element will move around and that is why to find it we have to search for it solely and exclusively from the function that we have known.

Ways to access

To get that file back, use it, view it or edit it, we have to go back to the Files app. Then we enter the menu and choose Private files. After entering the security key, this folder will open for us and we can move them back to where we want.

It will not be possible to access from any other place, even when we connect the mobile to the computer there will be no way to consult these elements. The containing folder becomes invisible and makes it impossible for other devices to recognize the files.

Do it with apps

Anyone who does not have a mobile phone from the Chinese firm will not be able to benefit from this advantage to keep their items safe . However, in the Android panorama there are solutions for everything and it is possible to hide all kinds of photos, videos and elements with the help of some applications that fulfill the same result as the purpose that we can set ourselves. For this we only have to download, install and configure the following apps.

Gallery Vault

A simple app that allows you to hide files in Xiaomi is this, created in such a way that we can even hide the icon on the home screen and only using a different pattern can we see the direct access to photos and videos. It is also in charge of encrypting the elements for our security.

GalleryVault - Hide Photos, Videos and FilesDeveloper: GalleryVault Developer Team

Keepsafe Photo Vault

It works as if it were a calculator app, but entering a secret key will open the photos, videos and saved files. To be able to see the events anywhere, it generates a copy in the cloud in a totally private way, so we can see the elements on other devices or even if we lose the mobile.

Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Photos SafelyDeveloper: Keepsafe


It is a launcher that adds the function of hiding from icons, to photos and files. A way to change the style of the mobile and also be safe from peepers.

Apex Launcher – Personalized, Protect, EfficientDeveloper: Android Does Team

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