How to hide the app library in the iPad dock

Starting with iPadOS 15, the iPad Dock now includes a link to the app library by default. If you don’t want to see the app library there, you can just turn it off. Here is how.

First, open the Settings on your iPad by tapping the icon, which looks like a set of gray gears.

In Settings, tap “Home Screen & Dock”.

In Settings, tap

In the home screen and dock settings, set the switch next to “Show app library in dock” to “Off”.

(While you’re here, you can simplify the Dock even further by turning off “Show suggested and recently used apps in Dock.)


Now exit the settings by returning to the home screen. You will find that the App Library icon is no longer in your Dock.

If you need to access the App Library in the future, you can still get there by swiping all the way left between the home screens until you reach the App Library. Much luck!

How to use the app library on iPad

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