How to identify your graphics card (GPU) in Windows 11

Your Windows 11 PC uses a Graphics Processing Unit (or GPU) or graphics card to display graphics. Sometimes you need to know which GPU your PC is using, but it’s not always obvious. So check.

The quickest way to see what graphics card your PC is using is to use the built-in Task Manager utility. To start Task Manager, right-click the Start button and choose Task Manager from the list.

When Task Manager opens, click the Performance tab. If you have more than one GPU in the machine, each will be listed under names like “GPU 0” or “GPU 1” in the sidebar. Click on the one you want information about.

In Windows 11

In the information area for the GPU you have selected, you will find the name of the GPU or graphics card in the upper right corner just above the diagrams. In this example, the GPU is “Intel (R) UHD Graphics 620”, but in your case it will likely be different.

The GPU name is displayed in the upper right corner of the GPU control panel of Windows 11 Task Manager.

In the same GPU Task Manager panel, you can also find information about how much memory your GPU has. You can find it in the lower left corner under “GPU Memory”.

In Windows 11, you can find your GPU memory in the lower left corner of the Task Manager's GPU control panel.

When you’re done close Task manager. Anytime you need to check it again, just restart Task Manager and check the Performance> GPU tabs. Have fun calculating!

How to check which graphics card (GPU) is in your PC

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