How to Improve the Battery of Huawei Phones with EMUI 11

One of the great problems of mobile phones is the battery life, which, no matter how much it has been improved, is still insufficient for many users. In Huawei phones with EMUI 11 this problem is very present and with the intention of making the battery last longer in EMUI 11 , we give you all the keys that you must take into account.

It is not always easy to make the mobile battery last longer and there are tricks for the battery of Huawei mobiles that we must take into account on a daily basis, although they surely end up allowing us to reach the end of the day without autonomy problems or at least until have a plug handy where to charge it.

Battery saving modes on Huawei

The most basic but most useful option that will allow us to make the mobile battery last longer is to save battery. In EMUI 11 we find two different purposes, among which we find the energy saving mode and the ultra energy saving mode. Among them they limit different sections of the system , choosing if we want to save battery in a special or more controlled way. To activate them, you just have to enter Settings> Battery and we will have the different options.

  • Energy saving in EMUI 11: disable 5G, deactivate synchronization, display on screen, limit background apps and reduce visual effects.
  • Ultra energy saving in EMUI 11: deactivate all the previous options and only allow us to use essential applications such as the telephone or messages.

They are the most basic options of the system, but those that are responsible for making all the changes to the smartphone so that we do not have to worry about optimizing consumption in another way. In any case, these battery saving options are compatible with the rest of the options that we are going to know and offer at specific moments the necessary battery saving in Huawei.

Take care of the battery or have more autonomy? That is the question

Among the most interesting news that we saw with EMUI 11, we find an option based on artificial intelligence that allows us to choose. By accessing Settings> Battery> More battery settings, we will have the possibility to activate or deactivate the smart battery capacity in Huawei.

What this option does is prioritize the useful life of the battery or the current autonomy, limiting its charge. This is achieved since the latest battery technologies suffer more when fully charged and therefore the EMUI will limit it. On the contrary, we can deactivate the option and we will ensure that the battery is fully charged and lasts longer today but, on the contrary, with the passage of time we will notice greater wear and tear. An option that is recommended in spite of everything, since the main idea of the users is to keep the mobile as the first day as long as possible.

Optimize battery with a button in EMUI 11

Among the oldest options of Huawei and EMUI, we find the well-known optimizer. This tool that is among the system apps, allows us to press the button from time to time and close everything that we do not need or delete unnecessary files that affect autonomy, among other things. Entering the settings of the same app we can also customize its operation so that it is completed automatically and we do not have to access it always.

You just have to look for the Optimizer, access and touch Optimize to see how apps close and free memory, deactivate connections that we do not need and make changes that will benefit us in our goal of improving the battery of the mobile.

Turn off WiFi or data automatically

Among what consumes the most battery in our mobile, WiFi and mobile data connections are the points that matter most. With the intention of avoiding that, we find in EMUI 11 the possibility of improving the battery by not using the mobile just by deactivating one of its options, although this means that we will not always receive notifications and everything will be synchronized when we pick up the phone again.

To do this we have to enter the battery> More battery settings> Stay connected when the device is in sleep mode. By simply deactivating this option marked, when leaving the mobile on a surface or stored in the pocket for several minutes, the WiFi and mobile data are deactivated, causing significant savings.

Launching applications, the key in Huawei mobiles with Google

Although all smartphones with EMUI 11 have this option, it becomes even more important in those that have Google apps. When two app stores such as AppGallery coexist with the Play Store, as well as other competing services, for example maps, we find several duplicate battery consumptions that we do not need . This leads us to control it ourselves and to improve the battery in EMUI 11 on our own.

Depending on what we use more or less, we will let the system automatically close the apps that we do not usually use and in the meantime, we are the ones who control the apps we use most often. This will allow for better system performance and a noticeable difference in battery life . We just have to go into Settings> Battery> Start applications and change it as it suits us.

Other options to improve the battery in EMUI 11

Beyond all the options that we have known, there are others that are not typical of EMUI 11 and that are present in other mobiles, but we are also going to have to take them into account. Whenever we want to achieve a more advanced Huawei battery saving , we will be able to use the dark mode to take advantage of the Amoled panel, reduce the refresh rate or the resolution and of course need the connections that we do not need, options that are in the shortcuts, including 5G.

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