How to insert and customize a signature line in Microsoft Excel

If you have a Microsoft Excel You can have someone sign the form that you have to confirm, confirm or agree to. Here we will show you how to add a signature line to your Microsoft. add and customize Excel Spreadsheet.

We mainly think of signature lines in relation to things like contracts, legal documents, and real estate contracts. You can create these types of documents and signatures with Microsoft. request Word. But with ExcelTo keep track of corporate finances, timesheets, logs, and more, you may also need a signature on a spreadsheet.

Open your Microsoft Excel Workbook on Windows 10 as well as the worksheet you want to use. At this point in time, the Signature Line object is not available in Microsoft Excel online or for Mac.

Go to the Insert tab and click “Text” on the right side of the ribbon. Select “Signature Line” in the drop-down box and then “Microsoft Office Signature line. “

An adjustment window opens in which you can set up the signature line according to your wishes. While each element is optional, one or more of the elements may benefit the document that requires the signature.

  • Proposed Signatory: Enter the name of the person who will sign the document.
  • Proposed title of signatory: Enter the title or position of the person you want to sign.
  • Suggested signatory email address: Enter the email address of the signatory.
  • Instructions to the signatory: If you have specific instructions, you can enter them here. You can also provide details to verify information, confidentiality, or the like.
  • Allow the signer to add comments in the Sign dialog box: Check the box to include this option if you want to allow notes or ask them to leave notes in the Instructions for the Signer section.
  • Show signature date in signature line: It is customary to indicate the date that you sign a document.

Select the options for the signature

When you have finished customizing these items, click OK to insert the signature line. You can then move the signature line by dragging the surrounding frame, or you can resize it by dragging an edge or corner.

Signature line in Excel

If you want to edit the signature setup elements listed above after you’ve inserted the signature line, it’s easy. Right-click the signature line field in the sheet and select “Set Up Signature”.

Right click and select Signature Setup to edit the items

Now you have the signature line in your Microsoft Excel Worksheet lets you save the workbook. Split or print it out to get the signature.

How to electronically sign PDF documents without printing and scanning them

When you print the sheet, items such as instructions for the signer will not appear. These (along with the date of signature) are visible when the recipient digitally signs the document.

Next time you have a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets that need a signature, remember how easy it is to insert a signature line.

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