How to install and configure Cyber ​​Panel on CentOS 8

Cyber ​​Panel is an open source free web hosting panel that uses Open Lite Speed web server. It has two versions: free and corporate. The free version uses Open Lite Speed, and the enterprise version uses the Lite Speed ​​web server. It offers many features such as AutoSSL, backup and restore, and multiple website hosting. In this guide, we will learn how to install and configure the Cyber ​​Panel on Centos 8. So, let’s get started.

Installing Cyber ​​Panel on CentOS 8

By default there are no packages in the Centos 8 software repository for Cyber ​​Panel. Thus, we have to get its installer as follows using the terminal:

                      # cd /tmp

# wget -O

After that, run the installer using the following command, make sure you have root privileges to run this command:

                      # sh

Run the installer

You will see the following output:

Select to install cyberPanel

Enter 1 and press to come in

Option 1

The next step will look like this:

Select the type of web server

Type 1 and hit Enter, as we are installing the free version:

Option 1

If you want to download the full version of Cyber ​​Panel, enter at and press enter.

Complete the Cyber ​​Panel installation

Install Memcached and Redis

Cyber ​​Panel will be installed now along with all its extensions.

CyberPanel installation was successful

By default Cyber ​​Panel uses TCP port 8090 to allow network access, add a firewall rule by using the following command:

                      # firewall-cmd –add-port=8090/tcp –permanent

# firewall-cmd –reload

Cyber ​​Panel setup

To configure Cyber ​​Panel, go to the IP address of your server with the port number, you will see the login page IP address: 8090 >.

Enter your username ( admin ) and the default password ( 1234567 ), you will be redirected to the Cyber ​​Panel control panel.

Now you can customize Cyber ​​Panel according to your needs.


In this tutorial, we have learned how to install and configure Cyber ​​Panel on CentOS8. I hope this guide helps you understand the Cyber ​​panel.

How to install and configure Cyber ​​Panel on CentOS 8

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