How to install Bashtop on Ubuntu – Terminal Resource Monitor

Bashtop is a free open source resource monitor for Linux. You can use it to monitor your system and view processor, network, process, memory, and disk usage and statistics. It comes with easy-to-use menus and responsive key selection. You can filter processes and scale your UI with bashtop. It also supports SIGTERM, SIGKILL and SIGINT. Released under the open source Apache License 2.0 license. You can also easily switch between sorting options in bashtop. Supports themes. This is a very cool and convenient command line application for terminal lovers.

Install Bashtop on Ubuntu.

Bashtop Resource Monitor can be installed on Ubuntu via the official Ubuntu PPA. Open the terminal application (ctrl + alt + t) and enter the following command. Press the Enter key.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bashtop-monitor/bashtop

Then enter the Ubuntu user password if necessary and press Enter. Then press Enter again to confirm the addition of PPA to your system. Then run the following command to update the source list.

sudo apt update

Then run this command to install Bashtop on Ubuntu.

sudo apt install bashtop

You can then run this command in your terminal app to launch bashtop.


More help and options can be found on bashtop. Just press the m key and the menu will open after you start bashtop.

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