How to Install Battalion Monster Game on Ubuntu

Battalion is a free monster survival game for Linux, MacOS and Windows. In this game you have to control huge monsters and survive against a large army with tanks, rocket launchers, maser tanks, helicopters, jet fighters and bombers. You can also attack enemies during the game. And you get points for that. The game is an indie game that is simple and easy to play. You can choose from the four available monsters. They are Googelon, Techs, Vapor or Flutter. When a monster moves, shoots a weapon, or receives a military attack, the health of the monster is reduced. The health of monsters is automatically restored throughout the game. The game is over when the monster dies without energy.

Install battalion monster military game on Ubuntu

You can install Battalion Monster Military Game via Ubuntu Snap Package on Ubuntu. The installation procedure is very simple. Open all terminals (ctrl + alt + t) app and run this battalion monster military game snap install command.

sudo snap install battalion --edge

Enter the Ubuntu user password. You can run this game using the following terminal command.


Download Battalion

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