How to Install Browsh on Ubuntu – Command Line Text Based Web Browser

Browsh is a free, open source, text-based command line web browser for Linux, BSD, and Windows. Supports HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, videos, photos and WebGL content. You must have Firefox version 63 or later installed on your system. Released under the GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1. You can run this browser on a remote server and access it via SSH. The main advantages of this browser are lower bandwidth usage and faster browsing speed.

Install Browsh text browser on Ubuntu

Go to the Browsh download page below and download the latest Ubuntu installer (x64 / 386 / ARMv6 / ARMv7 / ARM64) based on your architecture. For my ubuntu 64-bit, x64 and the name of the downloaded file is “browsh_1.6.4_linux_amd64.deb“This is your download folder. You can change the following commands based on the file name.

Download Browsh

Open the terminal app on Ubuntu. Press (ctrl + alt + t) at the same time. Then run the following command, download folder.

cd Downloads

Then run this Browsh install command.

sudo dpkg -i browsh_1.6.4_linux_amd64.deb

Enter the ubuntu user password. Then run this command in a terminal to install the missing Browsh dependency on your system.

sudo apt-get install -f

Browsh usage:

Open the Browsh browser by executing the following command in the terminal.


Just press CTRL + t Open a new tab in the browsh browser.

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Type the web address in the address field at the top and press Enter. You can follow the website links by just clicking on it. Just like a normal browser.

If you enter the web address in the same tab, CTRL + L Then type it.

Some other Browsh shortkeys are CTRL + q, CTRL + r, CTRL + w, CTRL + TAB, ALT + SHIFT + p, ALT + u, and ALT + m.