How to Install Buku on Ubuntu – Browser Independent Bookmark Manager

Buku is a free open source command line bookmark manager for Linux. With Buku, you can automatically import bookmarks from Firefox, Google Chrome, and Chrome browsers and open bookmarks from these browsers. Use this bookmark manager to get the title and description of the bookmarked URL from the web. You can use the fav editor to edit and update bookmarks in buku. Other features include regular expressions and a search option in deep scan mode to find bookmarks. This is a privacy-focused bookmark manager without preserving hidden history or usage analytics. Another great feature is the ability to import and export bookmark HTML, Markdown, or Orgfile. Written in Python3 and SQLite3 and released under the GNU General Public License v3.0 license.

Install Buku Bookmark Manager on Ubuntu.

Download the .deb file Buku Bookmark Manager from the download link below. Here, download is the default download location and the downloaded file name is “buku-cli_4.3-1_ubuntu18.04.amd64.deb”

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Download Buku Bookmark Manager

Next, open the ubuntu terminal app (ctrl + Alt + T) and execute this command to go to the download folder. You can modify this command depending on your download location.

cd Downloads

Next, execute the following command.

sudo dpkg -i buku-cli_4.3-1_ubuntu18.04.amd64.deb

Then run this command to install any missing dependencies.

sudo apt-get install -f

Some example books:

Execute the following command in the terminal to automatically import bookmarks from Firefox and Google Chrome.

buku --ai

How to Install Buku on Ubuntu – Browser Independent Bookmark Manager

To export all bookmarks

buku --export path_and_filename_to_bookmarks.html

Run this command to list all bookmarks.

buku -p

Run this command to manually add and edit bookmarks.

buku -w 'gedit -w'

Complete list of Buku usage: