How to install Converter NOW Unit Converter on Ubuntu Linux

Converter NOW is a free open source unit and currency converter for Linux, Android, and the web. Use this app to add length, area, volume, time, temperature, speed, mass, force, pressure, energy, power, fuel consumption, numerical system, torque, digital data, shoe size, angle, SI prefix Can be converted. Provides real-time conversion function. Simply enter the data in one unit and you’ll see all the other units of measure in this app. It is written in Dart and released under the NU General Public License v3.0.

Install Converter on Ubuntu now

Converter NOW Converter is now available as an Ubuntu snap package. It also comes with dark mode support. You can install it from the terminal application. Open a terminal (ctrl + alt + t) and run the following Converter NOW snap installation command.

sudo snap install converternow

Install the latest version of Converter NOW on Ubuntu. After installation, run the app from the app’s View menu or in the terminal using the following command:


Converter NOW unit

that’s all.

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