How to install DB Tarzan on Ubuntu – Database Browser

DBTarzan is a free open source database viewer for Linux, MacOS and Windows. Released under the Apache 2.0 license. Supports Oracle, SQL Server, Derby, SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL databases. It comes with a database connection editor for adding, updating and deleting database connections. Some other important features are foreign key preloading, foreign key tags, query and log copying, table information, and sorting. It comes with a simple and easy to use GUI.

Install DB Tarzan on Ubuntu.

You can install DBTarzan via the native .deb file format and snap packages.

Install DB Tarzan via deb.

Download DB Tarzan

Download the latest DB Tarzan database browser in native .deb file format from the download link above. Download file name “dbtarzan_1.22_all.debAnd “file location”download“folder. You can modify the following commands based on the file name and location.

Open the terminal app (Ctrl + Alt + T) and run this command to go to your downloads folder.

cd Downloads

Then run this DBTarzan database browser install command.

sudo dpkg -i dbtarzan_1.22_all.deb

Enter the user password. Then run this command to install any missing dependencies.

sudo apt install -f

After installation, run this command to start dbtarzan on ubuntu.


Install DB Tarzan via Snap.

DB Tarzan is also available as a snap package. In the terminal app, execute this DB Tarzan snap install command.

sudo snap install dbtarzan

Enter the Ubuntu user password to confirm the installation.

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