How to Install ddgr DuckDuckGo Search on Ubuntu – Search DuckDuckGo from Linux Terminal

You can now use ddgr to search your favorite privacy-sensitive search engine from your Linux terminal. ddgr is a free and open source command line DuckDuckGo search tool for Linux. Comes with instant answers, custom colors, no tracking, HTTPS proxy and REPL support. Some other popular features are disabling user agents, DuckDuckGo Bangs, copying URLs to the clipboard, and browser integration. You can customize ddgr to display a custom number of results on your page and filter your search by time and region. Supports custom URL handler scripts and opens the first result with browser support.

Install ddgr DuckDuckGo Search on Ubuntu.

You can install the ddgr DuckDuckGo search tool from a native Ubuntu binary .deb file. The default package manager for snap, pip and ubuntu.

Install ddgr via Ubuntu Package Manager.

Open a terminal console (Ctrl + Alt + T]Run the application and the following command.

sudo apt update

Then enter the system user password. Run this ddgr DuckDuckGo search install command.

sudo apt install ddgr

Install ddgr via deb. [Ubuntu 18.04]

Download ddgr

Download the latest ddgr DuckDuckGo Search Tool App .deb file from the download link above and save it in your Downloads folder. Then run these commands one at a time. You can modify these commands based on the name of the downloaded ddgr file.

cd Downloads
sudo dpkg -i ddgr_1.8.1-1_ubuntu18.04.amd64.deb
sudo apt install -f

Install ddgr via snap.

In the terminal app, execute this ddgr snap install command.

sudo snap install ddgr

Install ddgr via pip.

This requires the pip python package manager to be installed. Follow this link to install and set up on Ubuntu. Then run this command to install ddgr on Ubuntu via pip.

sudo pip install ddgr

Search DuckDuckGo using ddgr:

You can start it with this command.


Then enter and enter the search term.

Alternatively, you can search directly like this:


To open DuckDuckGo search results in your browser, enter the search index number.

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Example when you want to open the 10th result


Press the Enter key.

How to Install ddgr DuckDuckGo Search on Ubuntu – Search DuckDuckGo from Linux Terminal

Initially only the top 10 results are displayed. To enter and navigate to the next 10 search results


On the previous page,


To exit ddgr, press q and press Enter.


Run this command for a complete list of usage details.

ddgr --help

It’s a sequel.