How to install Discord app on Ubuntu

Discord is a general purpose communication and chat application for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux and web browsers. You can use it to send text and images, and to communicate over video and audio channels. You need an email to create an account. You can create and customize a Discord server. It also has the ability to organize members using access roles. It also supports an emoji library to express yourself.

Install Discord on Ubuntu

The Discord app can be installed via the native deb package file or Ubuntu Snaps.

Install Discord via DEB.

Download Discord

Download the Discord app as a .deb package file from the link above. The file name downloaded here is “discord-0.0.11.deb“It will change depending on the version of Discord. You can change the following command based on the file name. Save that file to your download folder. Open the terminal (ctrl + alt + t) application and use these commands Enter the password for the Ubuntu user, if required.

cd Downloads
sudo dpkg -i discord-0.0.11.deb
sudo apt install -f

Discord can be executed with the following command.


Install Discord via Snap.

At the terminal

sudo snap install discord


snap connect discord:system-observe

that’s all

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