How to install Dissenter Browser on Ubuntu

Dissenter is a free web browser created by Gab for Windows, Linux and macOS. Gab is Alttech’s social media site. The Dissenter web browser is based on the popular open source browser Brave with the Dissenter extension installed. This extension allows you to comment on any URL and anyone with the Dissenter extension installed can view the comment.

Note: Google and Firefox have banned Dissenter extensions from the store.

Install Dissenter Browser on Ubuntu

The Dissenter Browser is available from the website via the native .deb package file. Download the DissenterBrowser .deb file from the link below and save it in your download folder.

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Download Dissenter Browser

Open the terminal software (ctrl + alt + t) and run them one by one under the command. If necessary, enter the Ubuntu user password during the installation.

cd Downloads
sudo dpkg -i dissenter-browser_1.5.114_amd64.deb

The file name downloaded by “dissenter-browser_1.5.114_amd64.deb” here.

sudo apt install -f

that’s it.

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