How to install Dota 2 on Ubuntu

The most famous strategy game of the decade – DOTA 2

Dota 2 is one of the most popular free to play games available on Steam. A wide selection of characters called “Heroes”, combined with a variety of spells and abilities, ensures that every game is different from the rest.

The Dota 2 beta was released on July 9, 2013. Since then, its player base has only grown every year. This is because Dota 2 offers a competitive esports environment like no other game.

Dota 2 was the first game to host a tournament with over $ 1 million in prize money. At that time, it was an astronomical amount for the players. Every year the tournaments became larger and more luxurious, and the prize pools reached $ 25 million.

Despite having been around for over eight years, Dota 2 continues to thrive and refuses to show signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Where can I download Dota 2?

Since Dota 2 was developed and published by Valve Corporation, it is available on Steam. Anyone who has ever had an interest in PC games probably knows about Steam. For those who don’t know, Steam is a digital platform where you can buy games and software.

Steam has no competition when it comes to its absolute market dominance. From providing a stable place to play online games with friends or finding classic retro games, Steam definitely has it all, and it doesn’t hesitate to brag about it.

Checking system requirements

Checking the system requirements for a game is critical as they ensure that the game / software can run on your system without any problem.

Dota 2 is very forgiving about hardware requirements. The game is optimized to ensure you get 60+ frames per second (frames per second) even on the oldest systems.

Dota 2 is available on various operating systems. This also includes Ubuntu . With the release of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, the Steam client is available for download via Terminal or Ubuntu Software Center.

In this article, you will be installing Dota 2 on your system using the Steam client. Follow the instructions below to ensure a hassle-free installation.

Step 1. Install Steam

The first step is to install Steam on your system. This can be achieved with either the command terminal or the Ubuntu Software Center.

For the first method, start by opening a command terminal. The shortcut for opening the Terminal is Ctrl + Alt + T.

When Terminal opens, enter the following command:

                      sudo apt install steam

This will proceed with the installation of Steam on your system.

If you feel like the first method is tricky and you want a more graphical approach, you can use the Ubuntu Software Center.

First, open the Software Center and search for Steam in the search bar. Click on the first result. When it opens, click the Install button and let Ubuntu take care of the rest of the installation. Once the installation is complete, you should be able to use Steam without any problems.

When you start Steam for the first time, you will be greeted with an update screen. This screen will ensure that the Steam client is updated to the latest version.

Once the update is complete, Steam will offer you a login screen. Enter your username and password and click Enter… If you don’t have an account, click “CREATE NEW ACCOUNT” and create a new one.

After you enter your credentials, Steam will validate the information you entered and upon confirmation will be taken to the main home page.

How to install Dota 2 on Ubuntu

Step 2: installing Dota 2 via the Steam client

To download Dota 2, click the SAVE button in the upper left corner of the Steam window.

You should see a search bar in the upper right corner of the window. Enter “Dota 2” and click on the first result. You will be taken to the Dota 2 home page on Steam.

Once you go to the home page, you should see a ton of information about the game like reviews, system requirements, trailers, etc.

Click Play, select your preferred settings and click Next> to begin the installation process.

How to install Dota 2 on Ubuntu

The beauty of Steam is that it’s very simple. The download and installation process is completely automatic and does not require user control.

You can continue to use your system while the download is running in the background.

By default, Steam pauses downloads every time you launch a game to avoid network issues during a gaming session. This is a very useful feature as it removes the annoying method of pausing the download and then entering the game you are playing. This removes any unwanted delays that you might experience while loading.

This feature is useful for online games and may be disabled for some games according to the user’s preference. The download will resume in the background when you end your gaming session.

Once the download is complete, you are ready to play on your Ubuntu system. Enjoy uninterrupted and fluid gameplay by following the above method.

Tips for Dota 2

Dota 2 is a MOBA that requires extensive knowledge of heroes and abilities. While the basic gameplay is simple and straightforward, competition requires in-depth knowledge of character abilities, team synergies, lane management, and more.

It should be noted that Dota 2 is a team sport and there is no “me” in the team, so learning to play with your team or play with a group of friends will be helpful when it comes to ranking up.

Here are some screenshots from the game. Enjoy!

How to install Dota 2 on Ubuntu

How to install Dota 2 on Ubuntu


We hope this article helped you learn how to install Dota 2 on Ubuntu. We’ve walked through the methods of installing Steam by going through the steps of working with both the CLI and the GUI. Then we learned how to install Dota 2 through the Steam client. We hope you have a great time playing the best MOBA in the PC world.

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