How to install Firefox ESR in Ubuntu or Linux Mint (PPA or Snap)

Firefox ESR (Extended Support Version) is the official version of Firefox, does not have the latest features, but focuses on security and stability fixes. These ESR Firefox builds are suitable for organizations that need large-scale support for deployment, such as universities, governments, and enterprises.
The maintenance period of the Firefox ESR version is more than one year, and only the point (minor) version containing security updates is received, which is consistent with the regular Firefox version.

These Firefox builds are aimed not only at organizations, but also individuals. They prefer stability over new features, or prefer a user interface whose UI will not change between releases and extensions, and these versions and extensions will not Interrupt.
The current latest Firefox ESR version is 60.3.0, which was released on October 23, and the latest regular Firefox version is 63.0.3. Since Firefox ESR focuses on security and stability rather than new features, the next major version (68.0) will be released in September 2019.
For more information on Firefox ESR, see This page .
Although Firefox ESR is not available in Ubuntu and Linux Mint repositories, it can be easily installed in both by using the Snap Store or Mozilla Team Firefox ESR and Thunderbird stable PPA.

Install Firefox ESR in Ubuntu or Linux Mint (PPA or Snap)

Use the PPA or Snap software package to install Firefox ESR, your current Firefox installation will not be overwritten, so you can continue to use the latest Firefox version and Firefox ESR. Please also note that whether you use PPA or Snap packages, you will use the new Firefox profile.
However, you will get multiple Firefox entries in the application menu because Firefox ESR does not use other names or icons in the menu. It is best to delete the latest Firefox version from the system (you can delete it using the following method: sudo apt remove firefox ), If you plan to use ESR, or create a custom menu item for Firefox ESR, you can easily distinguish it from the default Firefox version.
one left Unofficial PPA Contains the previous Firefox ESR version 52.9, in which the old extensions (non-WebExtension API add-ons) will still work, but this Firefox version is no longer supported, so no security updates will be received. Since using an outdated version of Firefox will bring security risks, I have not included instructions for using this unofficial PPA in this article.
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Install Firefox ESR in Ubuntu or Linux Mint using PPA

Firefox ESR PPA

One way to easily install Firefox ESR (version 60 at the time of this article) on Ubuntu or Linux Mint is to use Mozilla Team Firefox ESR and Thunderbird stable PPA. You can add it and install Firefox ESR using the following command:

                        sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install firefox-esr

Install Firefox ESR in Ubuntu or Linux Mint using Snap package

Firefox ESR snapshot

Some notes about using the Firefox ESR snap package:

  • With Firefox ESR Snap, the application will not use your system Gtk + and cursor themes. If you want it to integrate properly with the system, please use the PPA package instead of Snap.
  • On Linux Mint, I have to log out and log in to make the newly installed Firefox ESR Snap appear in the application menu.
  • The first time you run an application installed as a Snap, it may take a while to start-it should only be done the first time you run it.

You can install the Firefox ESR Snap package on any Linux distribution that supports snapshots. To enable Snap on Linux Mint, please install snapd :

                        sudo apt install snapd

After installing this package, please log out and log in again to complete the installation.
Ubuntu has Snap enabled by default.
For information on enabling Snap support in other Linux distributions, please see This page .
Now you can install Firefox ESR as Snap using the following command:

                        snap install --channel=esr/stable firefox

You can also use the Gnome Software application to install Firefox ESR as a Snap: search for Firefox, find the Snap package, scroll down and change the Channel from stable to ESR / stable, and then install the application.


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