How to Install Friture on Ubuntu – Real-Time Audio Analyzer

Friture is a free open source real-time audio analyzer for Linux, macOS and Windows. You can use it to analyze any audio file and understand its characteristics and how it works. In the example, another widget can analyze harmonics, feedback, reverberation, gain peaks, and equalization from audio data. Useful widgets include 2D Spectrogram widget, Spectrum widget, Octave Spectrum widget, Delay estimator, Level widget, and Scope widget. Released under GPLv3 + license.

Install Friture Audio Analyzer on Ubuntu.

Friture Audio Analyzer is now available as a portable AppImage package. Go to the Friture Audio Analyzer download page and download the latest Friture Audio Analyzer in .AppImage file format under the Linux download section.

Download Friture Audio Analyzer

Open the terminal app (Ctrl + Alt + T) and navigate to the folder where you downloaded the Friture Audio Analyzer appimage file. For me, that is the download folder.

cd Downloads

Then, type the following command in Terminal and press Enter: Change the Friture Audio Analyzer appimage file to an executable file. here “friture-0.41-20191208.AppImage“Is the name of the downloaded file. You also need to enter your ubuntu password. You can change the following commands based on the file name.

sudo chmod +x ~ friture-0.41-20191208.AppImage

Next, to launch the Friture Audio Analyzer app on Ubuntu, execute the following command.

sudo ./friture-0.41-20191208.AppImage

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