How to install GLtron Bike Game on Ubuntu

GLtron is a free open source bike for Linux, Windows and MacOS. Released under the GNU General Public License. It’s a bike game like Tron inspired by the movie Tron. In this game you are a light cycle Tron bike rider. This Light Cycle Tron Bike creates a road-like wall behind it. In this game you have to push the players into the wall to kill them, but to win this game you have to live to the end. This bike battle takes place in a rectangular arena.

Install GLtron Bike Game on Ubuntu

The GLtron Trom movie bike game can be easily installed on Ubuntu from the terminal. Open a terminal application. Press ctrl + alt + t to open the terminal. Then run this command to update the Ubuntu software source list.

sudo apt update

Enter the password for the Ubuntu user. Then run this GLtron install command to install the latest version of this game on Ubuntu.

sudo apt install gltron

GLtron is a simple, lightweight and fun game. Installation size is less than 3MB. You can start this game by running this command.


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