How to Install Guake Terminal on Ubuntu – Linux Terminal Dropdown

Guake is a free open source terminal emulator for Linux. It is primarily inspired by the Quake game console. You can use the single key F12 (which you can change) to show or hide the Guake terminal, or control it via the panel or top bar. This is a terminal for developers. Works smoothly in Gnome desktop environment. It comes with support for multiple monitors and multiple named tabs, split terminal capabilities, save and restore of current session, and transparency support. If you find the filename in the terminal output, you can click it to open it in your favorite text editor. Comes with over 130 color themes. You can set the background color and foreground color of the terminal for each tab. Released under the GNU General Public License v2.0.

Install Guake Terminal on Ubuntu.

You can install Guake Terminal on Ubuntu using the default Ubuntu Package Manager. Open the terminal app (ctrl + alt + t) and run this command to update the software source list.

sudo apt update

If required, enter the Ubuntu user password. Then run this Guake Terminal install command.

sudo apt install guake

Next, start Guake terminal with the following command.


You can also install it using the python pip package manager.

pip install --user guake

You can install pip on ubuntu via the following tutorial.

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