How to install Howl on Ubuntu – lightweight keyboard-centric text editor

Howl is a free open source text editor for Linux and BSD. This is a general-purpose text editor that supports languages ​​and formats. It is very lightweight and comes with a minimal user interface without dialog boxes, toolbars and menu bars. This is a keyboard-oriented text-oriented UI editor. It is released under the MIT license and is built with GTK and LuaJIT runtime. Can be extended using Lua or Moonscript. Some of its features are buffers, modes, signals, key bindings, and command line support.

Install Howl Text Editor on ubuntu.

Available as flatpak package for Ubuntu. First, you need to install and set up the flatpack on your Ubuntu system. Follow the tutorial link below to install and set up flatpak.

How to install Flatpack on Ubuntu:

Once flatpak has been successfully installed, open the console terminal app. You can open it by pressing the (Ctrl + Alt + T) keys at the same time. Next, execute the following Howl Text Editor flatpak installation command.

flatpak install flathub io.howl.Editor

During installation, you will be asked to confirm the installation of Howl Text Editor. Press y to enter. Install the latest version of Howl Text Editor on Ubuntu. Next, execute the following command in the terminal to start the Howl text editor.

flatpak run io.howl.Editor

Enter this command to uninstall Howl Text Editor.

sudo flatpak uninstall io.howl.Editor

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