How to install ImEditor image editor on Ubuntu

ImEditor is a free open source image editor for Linux. Released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v3 license. Create and edit PNG, JPEG, WEBP, BMP, and ICO files with this simple, easy-to-use image editor. It comes with some basic filters and can also be drawn on the image. It supports two modes, RGB and RGBA. Some other features are history and selection functions, rotate the image and provide image details. If you want to try this, follow the installation instructions below.

Install ImEditor image editor on Ubuntu.

How to install flatpak on ubuntu:

ImEditor image editor available as Ubuntu’s universal flatpak package file. First, follow the flatpack installation and setup tutorial above. After that, to install ImEditor, open the Ubuntu terminal app (ctrl + alt + t) and execute this installation command.

flatpak install flathub io.github.ImEditor

During the installation, you need to confirm the installation by typing y and press Enter. Execute the following command in the terminal to start the ImEditor image editor.

flatpak run io.github.ImEditor

You can also use this command to uninstall this app.

sudo flatpak uninstall io.github.ImEditor

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