How to Install Mechvibes on Ubuntu-Activate Mechanical Keyboard Sounds on Your System

Mechvibes is a free and open source mechanical keyboard sound emulator for Linux, Mac and Windows. Use this to create and play sounds by pressing keys on the mechanical keyboard on your system while typing on your laptop or non-mechanical keyboard. If you don’t like your old mechanical keyboard, this app is perfect. Comes with a built-in editor for creating and editing keyboard sounds. In the sound editor, you can select and edit on screen and edit in keylist mode to define keys in a single sound file and multiple sound files. You can also download sound packs and share your own sound packs.

Install Mechvibes on Ubuntu.

This beautiful keyboard sound can be installed on Ubuntu via a portable appimage, snap, or native deb file.

Install Mechvibes via AppImage.

Download Mechvibes

Download the mechanical keyboard sound emulator in AppImage file format from the link above and save it in the download folder.
Open the terminal emulator application (ctrl + alt + t) on ubuntu and execute this command to move to the download folder.

cd Downloads

Next, execute this command to make the downloaded AppImage file executable.

sudo chmod +x ~ Mechvibes-2.1.1.AppImage

Mechvibes-2.1.1.AppImage The name of the downloaded file. You can modify this command based on file name and download location. Then run this command to launch Mechvibes on Ubuntu.

sudo ./Mechvibes-2.1.1.AppImage

Install Mechvibes via deb.

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Download the latest .deb file from the download link above and save it in the download folder. At the terminal

cd Dowmloads

Then run and install.

sudo dpkg -i mechvibes_2.1.1_amd64.deb

Enter your ubuntu password if needed. And finally this

sudo apt-get install -f

Here, “mechvibes_2.1.1_amd64.deb” is the downloaded file name.

Install Mechvibes via Snap.

Open the terminal app and execute this snap installation command.

sudo snap install mechvibes

Next, enter your Ubuntu password and confirm the installation.