How to install Microsoft OneNote on Linux

OneNote is a Windows tool developed by Microsoft that offers the user various functions and efficient operation. It has a web version and a desktop version. It is an effective tool for collecting drawings, audio, notes and screenshots. Microsoft does not offer an official version of OneNote for Linux. However, several open source tools can work as alternatives to OneNote for Linux, such as SimpleNote, Zim, Joplin, Google Keep, etc. However, users do not like to use these alternatives instead of OneNote, so it becomes difficult for those migrating from Windows on Linux.

This is where P3X comes to the rescue because it is an open source note-taking tool that can run OneNote on Linux. P3X connects to a Microsoft account to use Microsoft OneNote, and it also supports RHEL and Debian based distributions. This article will show you how to easily install Microsoft OneNote on Linux using P3X.

How to install Microsoft OneNote on Linux

We have mentioned three different procedures for booting P3X onto your system to use Microsoft OneNote on Linux.

Using Snapd

First, download the snapd packages to your Linux device using the following commands:

For Ubuntu and Debian use these codes:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt upgrade
$ sudo apt install snapd

For Arch Linux use these codes:

$ sudo pacman -Syy
$ sudo pacman -S snapd
$ sudo systemctl enable --now snapd.socket

For Fedora use these codes:

$ sudo dnf update
$ sudo dnf install snapd
$ sudo systemctl enable --now snapd.socket

After successfully executing these commands, the system will download the required snapdas to the Linux device

After downloading the required files, use the following command to install P3X on your system:

$ sudo snap install p3x-onenote

Now open P3X c and it will redirect you to the Microsoft login page.

On this command line, we used the “sudo” command, which represents the do superuser. It grants all command line security privileges.

Using NPM

In this procedure, we can create a P3X OneNote from scratch using the NPM tool, but the latest version of NPM is buggy and it may generate some bugs when working with OneNote on Linux.

First run the following command to install NPM on Linux system.

For Ubuntu use this command:

$ sudo apt install npm

For Debian use this command:

$ sudo apt-get install npm

For Fedora use this command:

$ sudo dnf install npm

For Arch Linux use this command:

$ sudo pacman -S npm

Now use the following command to install the application:

$ sudo npm install -g p3x-onenote --unsafe-perm = true --allow-root

After the installation is complete, run the following command to open the applications:

$ p3x-onenote

It will redirect you to the Microsoft OneNote sign in page, so sign in and use it without any problem.

Using Applmage

AppImage is a great all-in-one software package that works for distributing portable software on Linux that can be used without installing the application on the system.

You can download the AppImage from the Github release page, or run the command below to download it directly.

$ wget

After successfully downloading the package, grant all execute permissions to your AppImage file, then open it.

$ chmod +x P3X-OneNote-2020.4.169.AppImage
$ ./P3X-OneNote-2020.4.169.AppImage

Finally, you can easily use Microsoft OneNote on Linux.


In this article, we have provided complete information on how to install Microsoft OneNote on Linux. As we explained earlier, Microsoft doesn’t offer any official OneNote apps for Linux, but you can use it with third-party software. There are several procedures in this article that you choose as you wish. We’ve covered Snapd, NPM, Applmage software routines for using Microsoft OneNote on Linux.