How to Install Money Manager Ex on Ubuntu – mmex Free Personal Finance Software

Money Manager Ex is free, open source personal finance manager software for Linux, Windows, MacOS and Android. You can use it to track money and organize all your financial data. Key features include budgeting and cash flow forecasting, and set recurring invoice and deposit reminders. The report can be viewed in graphs and pie charts. Data can be imported from CSV and QIF file formats. Comes with support for checks, asset accounts, credit cards, savings and equity investments, multi-currency support, attachment support.

Install Money Manager Ex on Ubuntu.

The latest version of Money Manager Ex Personal Finance Manager software can be installed on Ubuntu via Snap Package Manager. First, open the Ubuntu Terminal app. To open, press the (ctrl + alt + t) keys simultaneously. Next, enter the following Money Manager Ex snap installation command in the Ubuntu terminal: Press Enter.

sudo snap install mmex

If required, enter the Ubuntu user password in the terminal. The latest stable version of Money Manager Ex Personal Finance Manager will be installed on your Ubuntu system.

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Run this command to install the latest development version of Money Manager Ex.

sudo snap install mmex --edge

Click on the Ubuntu Gnome Dock show application to open it, enter Money Manager Ex in the search box and click on Money Manager Ex to open it. Or just run this command in terminal.