How To Install Moon Buggy On Ubuntu – Classic Command Line Car Game

Moon Buggy is a very old classic terminal-based ASCII game by Jochen Voss. It is based on the old Moon Patrol (1982) arcade game. In Moon Buggy you have to drive over the dangerous craters of the moon. Easy to play but highly addictive game. Just jump and fire with two key controls. Check the game controls


y, SPC, RET: Start game SPC, j: jumpa, l: fireq, n: abort gameq: End c: Show copyright w: Show warranty s: Show score r, C-l: Redraw

Install the Moon Buggy game on Ubuntu.

Moon Buggy is available as a ubuntu snap package. Therefore, it can be easily installed on Ubuntu. Open the Terminal app (Ctrl + Alt + T), type the following command and press Enter.

sudo snap install moon-buggy

Then enter the Ubuntu user password and press Enter. Once Moon Buggy is successfully installed, run this command in the terminal to play.


yStart the game with the key or spacebar. Jump usingspaceUse the “” key toa“Key

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