How to install Musiko Music Player on Ubuntu

Musiko is a free open source music player with a minimal interface for Linux, MacOS and Windows. You can play local music files with this player. Supports file formats such as mp3, mp4, flac, wav, ogg, wma. This is still in active development and early stages. You can display music by album. It comes with search and filter support and you can create playlists with this player. It recognizes a lot of music metadata and displays lyrics, disc subtitle, track, disc, title, album, cover photo, sync lyrics, disc subtitle, album artist, artist, genre, release year, and more. Currently available in more than 10 languages.

Install Musiko Music Player on Ubuntu.

Musiko Music Player is available as a Ubuntu snap package and portable AppImage file format.

Install Musiko via AppImage.

Download Musiko

Download the latest version of Musiko Music Player from the download link above and save it in your Downloads folder.
Open the command line app (Ctrl + Alt + T) on your device and navigate to your downloads folder.

cd Downloads

Then make the downloaded file executable by using the following command:

sudo chmod +x ~ Musiko-1.0.5.AppImage

Here, “Musiko-1.0.5.AppImage” is the downloaded Musiko file name. The above command can be modified based on the filename. Enter the Ubuntu user password. Next, start Musiko Music Player using the following command.

sudo ./Musiko-1.0.5.AppImage



Install Musiko via Snap.

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Musiko Music Player can also be installed from the snappy package manager. Execute this Musiko snap installation command in the terminal application.

sudo snap install musiko

Enter the Ubuntu password. that’s it.