How to install NewsFlash Feed Reader on Ubuntu

NewsFlash is a free open source feed reader for Linux. Designed specifically for the GNOME desktop, it is rusted and written. It comes with support for syncing, desktop notifications, keyboard shortcuts, tagging, fast search and filtering. You can also connect to your online feed reader account with NewsFlash. We currently support feedly, Miniflus, Fever, and feedbin. You can also add a local RSS feed here. It also comes with more than 5 built-in themes and dark mode support. You can set the refresh interval for custom fonts and feeds.

Install NewsFlash Feed Reader on Ubuntu

Ubuntu users can install NewsFlash via flatpak. To install Flat Pack on ubuntu, you must first set up Flat Pack and Flat Hub. Follow the flatpak installation tutorial below.

How to install flatpak on ubuntu

After installing flatpak, restart your system. Then open the Terminal (ctrl + alt + t) application and run this NewsFlash flatpak install command.

flatpak install flathub com.gitlab.newsflash

You can open the NewsFlash feed reader with the following command.

flatpak run com.gitlab.newsflash

How to install NewsFlash Feed Reader on Ubuntu

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