How to Install Notable on Ubuntu – Markdown Note Takeing App

Notable is the free and open source markdown-based note-taking and markdown editor for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. You can use this to write notes in markdown. It also supports KaTeX expressions and mermaid diagrams. Built-in support for syntax highlighting, multi-cursors, minimaps, and dark themes. You can also edit your notes using other third-party editors and sync using Dropbox. Other important features include minimal Zen mode, quick open, favorites, pinned, deleted, tagged, attachments, and split editor support. Import notes from Evernote or Boostnote and export notes to Markdown, HTML or PDF.

Install the remarkable Markdown Note When using the app on Ubuntu:

Notable is currently available as a deb and appimage package file for Ubuntu. It can also be used as a snap.

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Install Notable on Ubuntu via deb.

Download the important markdown note taking app for .deb files from the download link above. here download My default download folder. Next, open the ubuntu terminal app (ctrl + Alt + T) and execute this command to go to the download folder.

cd Downloads

Next, execute the following command. Here, the downloaded file name is “notable_1.8.4_amd64.deb“. The following commands can be changed according to the downloaded file name.

sudo dpkg -i notable_1.8.4_amd64.deb

Then execute this command.

sudo apt-get install -f

Next, click on Show Applications in the Ubuntu Gnome Dock, type “Attention” in the search box and click on “Attention” to open it.

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Install Notable on Ubuntu via AppImage.

Download Notable in Appimage file format from the download link above. Modify the following command based on the downloaded path (download My folder) and file name (Notable-1.8.4.AppImage). In a terminal, navigate to the download folder.

cd Downloads

Then, to make the file executable, run the following command:

sudo chmod +x ~ Notable-1.8.4.AppImage

Enter your Ubuntu password and start doing this in the terminal.

sudo ./Notable-1.8.4.AppImage