How to Install Ommpfritt on Ubuntu – Vector Modeling Application

Ommpfritt is free and open source semantic, procedural, non-destructive vector modeling software for Linux, Windows, and MacOS. You can use it to create and edit animated graphics, technical drawings, diagrams, and icons. Released under the open source GNU General Public License v3.0 license. Scenes can be saved in json format. Comes with support for objects, tags, styles and tools. All properties can be changed using the internal Python interpreter. Other important features include support for dart themes, multiple selection support, key bindings, keyframe animation, timeline, and dope sheet support.

Install Ommpfritt Vector Modeling on Ubuntu.

You can install Ommpfritt Vector Modeling on Ubuntu via a portable AppImage package. Visit the Ommpfritt Vector Modeling download page and download the latest Ommpfritt Vector Modeling in .AppImage file format.

Ommpfritt Vector Modeling download

Open the terminal app (Ctrl + Alt + T) and navigate to the download folder for the Ommpfritt Vector Modeling appimage file. For me, it is the ubuntu download folder.

cd Downloads

Then, type the following command in Terminal and press Enter: Change the Ommpfritt Vector Modeling appimage file to an executable file. here “ommpfritt-06a64c5-x86_64.AppImage“Is the name of the downloaded file. You also need to enter your ubuntu password. You can change the following commands based on the file name.

sudo chmod +x ~ ommpfritt-06a64c5-x86_64.AppImage

Next, to launch the Ummpfritt Vector Modellingr app on Ubuntu, execute the following command.

sudo ./ommpfritt-06a64c5-x86_64.AppImage

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